12 People Share Simple Tips to Make Yourself More Attractive

When it comes to trying to be attractive, a lot of us appreciate all the tips we can get.

Hey, it’s tough-going out there!

And that’s why you should study these tips from AskReddit users and then go out there and do your best!

Let’s have a look!

1. Important.

“Wear clothes that fit well.

Even expensive clothes can look like c**p (and make you look like c**p) if they don’t fit your frame & body type.

Fit is everything, it accentuates the positives & minimises the negatives.”

2. Walking tall.

“Work on your posture.

Walking around like some kind of gollum goblin creature isn’t doing you any favors.

Stand up straight, shoulders back, chin up.”

3. Time to get clean.

“Buy some nice smelling soap and shampoo and take a shower, don’t just wash your pits you smelly heathen.”

4. Let them work their magic.

“Comb your hair and go to a barbershop that looks like your grandpa runs it and tell him you’re not sure what haircut you want, but you’ve got a job interview coming up.

Just let the old man do his work, he’s a pro.”

5. That’s hot.

“My boyfriend vacuumed the floor after I accidentally spilled something on there once. I don’t know what it was but in that moment he looked so hot.

I suppose my answer here would be to be responsible? Take care of your living environment.”

6. Skincare.

“A skincare routine – at its most basic, wash with a gentle non-drying cleanser, moisturize with something simple and fragrance free, and wear sunscreen during the day to protect from wrinkles and skin cancer.”

7. The beard life.

“I oil my beard. Major difference.

I also use a boar bristle brush (made from happy boars that get shaved. Happy boars make better brushes) and it makes a huge difference for my super thin straight hair.”

8. Clothes make the man.

“If you’re a man try wearing button ups and nice dress boots/shoes regularly. When I started my business I was still dressing like a frat guy and I was embarrassed anytime I wanted to give someone a card.

I started dressing up whenever I left my house and it’s shocking how differently people treat me. Restaurants started giving my free desserts and better service. Barbers take twice as long and they throw in all of the extras. Cops let me off the hook more. Doctors hear my opinion instead of writing me off as a Google University idiot.

I have much better luck with women. It doesn’t even take any extra time or effort to get dressed. If you have the money nice clothes really are a great investment. People only take you as seriously as you take yourself.”

9. Listen up!

“Fix your posture, stay neat and clean, talk less and focus on your words, be a good listener, groom yourself with good hairstyle and dressing, always get good sleep it will make your look fresh.”

10. Brains are forever.

“Confidence… being assertive and intelligent is the winner in my mind.

Looks fade, brains are forever.”

11. Make a splash.

“Wear colors.

Not like rainbows or anything, but incorporate color into your wardrobe. Guys especially have a tendency to wear basically just white/black/grey and toss in the occasional muted color in the form of a dull blue plaid button up or something. Most women like it when you’re willing to wear some color.

I get way more glancing looks from women when I have a well coordinated outfit with some color in it then I do when more low-key dressed. It speaks to confidence as well as a bit of fashion sense, which most women like in a guy to an extent.

Also colored glasses. Not every frame has to be black.

It’s always been weird to me that in most pre modern history cultures it has been a sign of pride and strength when a man wore color; but in the past couple hundred years has been pushed towards something more feminine. Makes no sense.

Don’t have a boring wardrobe, dudes.”

12. Exercise.

“Exercise doesn’t even necessarily have to be something like weightlifting or even running.

Go for a swim every once in a while, take long walks when you are bored and listening to music.

Hell, do some pushups and jumping jacks every morning. You’d be surprised how little it takes to be healthy.”

Do you have any additional tips like this?

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