12 People Share Stories About the Most Horrific Crimes Committed by People They Know

I’ve known some people who went to jail for things like drugs and making some bad decisions when they were intoxicated, but I don’t personally know anyone who has committed a truly horrific crime…

At least, not that I know of…

But these AskReddit users do and they talked about them in detail.

Take a look…

1. What a story.

“A guy I knew k**led his father in front of his mother and younger brother trying to protect his mum from severe abuse.

After he served his sentence, the family accepted him back and they’ve been living a normal life to this day.”

2. Good lord.

“When we were in school, this boy from our year (we were 13 years old or so at the time) was with his two older brothers and kidnapped a man. The man was dating their sister and at that time, people were very protective if you dated someone’s sister.

They took him to a petrol station, and covered him in petrol. They then took him to a forest and burnt him alive. All 3 brothers went to prison but since they were minors I don’t think they got that many years.

When I was 21/22 I bump into the guy from my year in a takeaway. And he tells me he’s working at the local supermarket. Few months later I end up working in that same super market. And he goes to me anyone messes with you let me know. I’m thinking nah I don’t want them d**d in a forest.”

3. Beat the odds.

“One day while we were in school, an acquaintance’s father k**led their mother and then himself and set their house on fire. Their father was somewhat abusive, and their mother was thinking of leaving him.

It completely changed the acquaintance, he was only 13, but had to basically grow up and mature overnight. He and his siblings had to move in with their grandmother with basically nothing but the clothes on their backs.

He was able to get a driver’s license at 13 because their grandma couldn’t drive, so he could help. Somehow, against all odds, he and his siblings are all perfectly normal people.”

4. Made it out.

“My mother tried to k**l my father when I was a toddler by taping up the windows in our apartment. She turned on the gas at the stove, took me and left.

She knew my dad would light a cigarette upon returning home. She was banking on it. Luckily my dad was able to smell the gas leaking under the door.”

5. Awful.

“One of my childhood friends was diagnosed as schizophrenic in his early 20s, went off his meds for a bit of time and had an episode, bludgeoned his mom to d**th (who was my parents’ friend).

They found him in a fetal position crying and not understanding what happened. He committed suicide a few years later while in jail.”

6. Down the road.

“I lived down the road from Terry Joe Volner. He rode my bus everyday, and was also a v**lent horrible person.

He m**dered a 5 year old because he had feelings for the kids mom and I guess she didn’t feel the same. So he m**dered one of her kids, took a picture of the child’s body and sent it to the child’s mom and told her he was going to k**l her other kids that he was babysitting if she didn’t come home right now.

He got life.

Then he beat his cellmate to d**th with his bare hands so brutally they considered the d**th penalty.

He got life again.”

7. Creep.

“I knew a guy in the Marines, he was already a s**thead, but one day he suddenly got orders back to the US.

He was just gone, turned out that the FBI had been monitoring him trying to groom little girls online and sending nudes.

The FBI arrested him when his plane landed.”

8. Goodnight.

“A cousin had his two young children call their mom (they were divorced and it was his weekend with them) to say goodnight.

He put them to bed and shot them d**d before pulling the gun on himself.”

9. Rampage.

“30 year old meth head went on an hour long rampage in his car, driving along the wrong side of the highways of my town attempting to crash head on with other road users.

He was unsuccessful until he crashed head on with my 17 year old brother. The methhead was doing an estimated 140kph and my brother was doing 110 (the speed limit)

He just got sentenced to 10 years in jail yesterday and my brother now has life long injuries from the crash

Weirdest part of it all is that all the media and news reports of the accident were either silenced or made to be removed and we don’t know why.”

10. Twice.

“M**der, twice. 2 separate incidents.

K**led a guy in a fight, not intentional. Goes in for 10, serves 8.

Gets out. Another guy we knew gives him a hard time about “how many times (he) sucked d**k.” Shot him in the face later that evening. He’s not getting out.”

11. Brutal.

“My younger brother was on mixed meds.

Got into it with bar bouncers. Shot three and then put his gun under his chin.

Walked up in time to see him blow his brains out.”

12. Very disturbing.

“When I lived in a remote part of Nigeria as a kid we had our house robbed when we were asleep one night. We had guards and they caught the thief.

They put lorry tires around him and set him on fire in the garden. The smell was disgusting. They didn’t bother with police in that state they gave their own punishment. That was 30 years ago and it still disturbs me to this day.”

How about you?

Do you know anyone who committed a terrible crime?

If so, please share your stories with us in the comments.