12 People Share Stories About When They Said “This Person Has No Idea What They’re Talking About”

One time I was at a bar in North Carolina with a friend of mine who was wearing a Chicago Cubs hat.

Another fella who was there said to my friend, “most people don’t know this, but did you know the Cubs actually don’t even play their home games in Chicago? They actually play in Iowa.”

Oh, and I forgot to mention…my friend USED TO WORK AT WRIGLEY FIELD.

So naturally, he made this dude feel like a moron. Ouch!

When did you say to yourself, “this person has no idea what they’re talking about?”

AskReddit users responded.

1. Uh uh.

“Software engineer. An old housemate was the walking definition of the Dunning Kruger effect.

I think he wrote a python script at work once, so felt qualified to explain to me how Microsoft Word was the best program for editing code, because it’s designed to handle large text files.”

2. Time to troubleshoot.

“A friend once asked me to help trouble shoot his companies website. It wasn’t working properly in Firefox.

It turns out their website was a Word document exported as html and uploaded to the server.

I have no idea how they managed to figure out how to host it in the first place.”

3. Dummies.

“On Reddit, any time the subject of electrical power generation and distribution comes up. I worked 30+ years in the field, I know a few things.

Usually a poster will have one true fact or idea that someone in the field probably told them, then go off from there into fantasyland.

I’ve been told I’m wrong and things don’t work that way.”

4. Flag expert.

“I worked at a flag store for about 4 years, and the amount of mythology around the US flag is amazing.

There is no criminal penalty for violating the Flag Code.

You don’t have to burn the US flag because it accidentally touched the ground for a moment.

It’s not mandatory to fold the US flag into a triangle for storage (but props to the guys who brought in the 20×30′ flag for repair folded that way, apparently it involved the use of a conference table).

There is no Civil Flag that is only flown when the US isn’t at war, that’s a very old urban legend that started with a misidentified US Customs flag (but you can still get one, anything you want can be custom made for about $200 for a 3×5′ printed flag).

Your flag isn’t defective, it’s just been flown out in the elements. The average flag will last 6-12 months when flown 24/7 in average conditions (but can last longer). High winds like on the coast can eat up a flag a lot faster. Flying it off the back of your trucks is exposing it to hurricane force winds after 20 minutes on the highway, of course it’s shredded. At least the guys on motorcycles understand that and budget for one flag per bike run, then bring in the remains for proper disposal.

And no, you aren’t supposed to fly the US flag higher than other countries. It’s not illegal, but it is considered rude.

5. I don’t think so.

“A coworker told me that Steve Carell improvised every line while filming The Office.

After listening to every episode of The Office Ladies, and having a brain, I can confirm that his claim is false.”

6. Gearhead.

“I’m a motorcycle mechanic, went to trade school for it and everything. A lot of motorcycle people like to repair their own bike or modify it. The problem is most of them are totally clueless.

Recently a customer of mine has been having a run-ability issue after installing a new exhaust. I had told him beforehand he would need a tuner or the bike would have problems after the install. He keeps texting me saying he thinks it’s one thing or another, but has yet to install the tuner.

I get that all the time too. My customers always wanna dance around an issue after I’ve given them a solution.”

7. Oh, boy…

“Every time someone tries to explain why “chemicals” are bad for me.

I’m an organic chemist.”

8. Be careful!

“I once heard someone explaining that they didn’t like the extra chemicals they package potato chips in. The bags, you see, are full of nitrogen.

So he holds his face away from the bags when he opens them. Because he doesn’t want a bunch of chemicals in his face.

Air is 75% nitrogen.”

9. BS.

“Literally yesterday the new guy at work was talking about how his millionaire friend let him drive his $100k car in 6th grade at 320mph(faster than the world record for multi million dollar production cars).”

10. An actual maniac.

“I took a few semesters of mandarin in uni and there was a weird old man named Barry that absolutely loved “correcting” our professor on stuff.

Barry had spent a couple of months trying to teach himself mandarin online and genuinely believed he somehow knew more than our professor who was both Chinese herself and also held a PhD in Chinese language and culture (uni had a really good linguistics Dept so all our lecturers had some sort of language or linguistics oriented PhD).

Actual maniac I have no idea how someone could have so much ego and so little self awareness.”

11. Hmmm…

“While I was talking about favorite movies in a bar, this person said “I think Akira Kurosawa is overrated. I heard he stole most of his ideas from The Magnificent Seven.””

12. I know my meat.

“I work in the meat department of a grocery store.

I’ve had people argue with me that beef tenderloin and filet mignon weren’t the same thing; or that top loin and New York strips were different cuts of steak.”

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