12 People Share Stories That Made Them Realize They Needed New Friends

Sometimes, you just need to clean house.

No, I’m not talking about actually cleaning your house…I’m referring to when you realize the people who are supposed to be your friends really aren’t your friends at all…

AskReddit users shared their stories about when they realized it was time to get some new friends.

1. Left behind.

“When they took all the proceeds from the project we had worked on together, and to which I had contributed a great deal of labor, then went to Disney World for a week…

Without me…”

2. Red flags.

“In college I had a group of friends (4 guys and 4 girls, including myself).

I realized I was out of the loop when for Christmas all the girls gifted each other a friendship bracelet and I was the only one without one. It was also kind of humiliating since this was during a Christmas party with just the group while we were opening presents in a circle, so the guys noticed as well.

At that moment, I realized that even though it hurt, all the pieces started to fit about the girls’ attitudes and interactions with me and I decided I didn’t need people like that in my life.

Although it was hurtful, I was more surprised that they could act so petty and childish for being juniors and seniors in college. I just wish I noticed all the red flags earlier since I did consider them as good friends, but at least now I know.”

3. That one hurt.

“Been at my job almost a year. Noticed on snapchat everyone was together for some drinks, managers, staff who started decades ago, staff who started weeks ago…


Except one other person. I texted her out of curiosity about it and she responded with “yeah, they asked me but I couldn’t go”.

I tried to laugh it off but man did that hurt.

I always thought i had a good rapport with my coworkers but i wonder now am i just being tolerated by them.”

4. Rude.

“When email was starting to become a thing, my classmates and I were having lunch and a bunch of them were excitedly exchanging emails.

When I asked one of them to give me hers, she said: “Why do you need it? We see each other everyday.” She gave it to everyone else.

S**t hurt.”

5. Ditched.

“When my friends said they don’t go to the movies just to go there without me.

I saw them because I went with my older sister instead.”

6. What about me?

“I suggested a group vacation to the beach. Split a rental for a week… lots of fun.

They booked it and didn’t invite me.

Burned a little.”

7. Behind your back.

“I found messages of them talking s**t about me. Everything I said, did, tried to do was just a d**n joke.

Wasn’t even looking for the messages, had to borrow a computer they were synced onto. That hurt. We supposedly talked it out which turned into them detailing about how it was all my fault and I forced them to act that way, no apology, nothing.

Can’t cut them out as they’re my spouses sibling but yeah. Still haven’t gotten over it.”

8. The Crew.

“My friend group had a group chat called “The Crew” which was made in between sophomore and junior year of high school.

It was used somewhat regularly for a while, up until the middle of senior year, I noticed that it straight up wasn’t being used anymore. While I was around some of them one day, I noticed them having “The Crew” notifications pop up on their phone and finally I asked my best friend (like one of the 3 people in that group I’m still friends with today) if they made a new group chat and he said yeah.

It was basically the old one minus me and plus like 10 more people. It sucked but whatever, f**k em.”

9. The “oh s**t” moment.

“You get the news last of what happened with the group members and you don’t get an invitation from them, they only invite you when you invite yourself through them.

Meaning that when they discuss the plans and you happen to be there so they must invite you. But i was always like that. This above was just a summary of what i experienced.

I’ve never had that kind of friend group that actually cared about me, so I never had an “oh s**t” moment.”

10. Out of the loop.

“Hadn’t heard from them in over a week, then learned they were all on a cruise.

I had no idea they planned, booked and went on this cruise so it became clear how much I had been kept out of the loop.”

11. Forget about them.

“They always told me in this ‘I really pity you’ tone to go away every now and again when they were talking, because we weren’t close enough to let me hear it.

They also got really uncomfortable when I tried telling them about my feelings or tried venting about stuff to them, but they expected me the always listen to them. Always told me a reason they couldn’t go to events I invited them to.

Kept on casually mentioning all the times they had a great time during something they were doing together; and that it ‘didn’t matter that I wasn’t there, we had fun anyways!

‘ Looking back, I just thought the phrasing was pretty weird, but now I really feel my blood boil whenever I think about it.”

12. Mopin’ around.

“They all went to an amusement park out of town on a weekend without telling me.

When I found out they said it was because they didn’t want me to be all mopey and depressed all weekend.”

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