12 People Share the Dumbest Thing Folks Ever Said to Them

What’s the dumbest thing someone ever said to you?

Like, in your whole life?

I know, it’s a tough one, isn’t it…?

Because there are a lot of dummies out there!

While you think about your answer to that question, see what AskReddit users said about this.

1. Keep an eye on them.

“Used to work in Yellowstone. The amount of stupid coming through the park is unimaginable.

Had a bison come and lay down close to the boardwalk at Old Faithful. A woman holding a toddler started running up to it. Luckily I had grabbed her by the back of her shirt and pulled her down.

She kept screaming she was going to sue me and the lodge for ruining her perfect vacation photo.

Then watching a 20 something walking out of the lodge in a swimming suit to go soak in the pots.

Telling another tourist that he could not walk off the boardwalk. He became angry and demanded to be allowed to do this. When this happens we are on higher alert.

We always had to watch tourists, like they had IQs of 10.”

2. A beautiful country.

“I’m from New Mexico and was once told that my English is excellent.

I’ve also been asked for my green card once.”

3. Little-known fact.

“”What? Maryland doesn’t have any hospitals.”

My old friend (hands down the stupidest man I’ve ever met. Heart of gold, though) once call me while he was in Maryland (we’re from Ohio) and asked me to call 911 for him because he was having a panic attack and was genuinely worried that he was going to have a heart attack.

I proceeded to explain that instead of calling me he should call 911 himself or go to the hospital. He then started arguing with me that Maryland doesn’t have hospitals. He legit thought hospitals only existed in Ohio.

It took like 5 minutes to get him to understand that hospitals are literally EVERYWHERE. Still absolutely dumbfounded by that conversation 5 years later.”

4. Good idea.

“From a family member, years ago, “My husband and I are having problems, so we’re trying for another baby,. That should make things better. ”

I smiled inanely and walked away, stunned.”

5. Let’s check the books.

“A guy asked me if Hitler was before or after World War II.

We are both native Germans.”

6. Let’s back up a second.

“Last month a coworker asked if I’ll run out of blood eventually because I donate very couple months.

He’s 34 years old.”

7. Did you hear that?

“My grandma’s friend and her daughter said they could hear the International Space Station fly overhead.

It sound like a “wooosh”.”

8. Great question.

“”Do they have the Bible in Spain?”

Said during the third year of a Spanish class by a girl taking religious studies as well.”

9. Ouch.

“”Just because you cheat on your spouse, doesn’t mean you have a bad marriage”

Friend of mine, bemoaning the demise of his marriage.”

10. Must have been tough.

“”Was it difficult for your husband to learn English? Is there a language barrier for you guys?”

My husband is Scottish, born and raised.”

11. Smart!

““I don’t mean to stereotype, but you look too white to speak Spanish” after I told my college suitemate that I was taking Spanish courses.

Coming from a girl that always denounces stereotyping.”

12. Oh, boy…

“I had an acquaintance claim that the earth must be flat because nobody’s talking about the white landmass around the map and how it’s a cover-up.

He was pointing at the white rectangular border of the paper.”

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