12 People Discuss the Traditions They Don’t Think Should Even Exist

It’s pretty true that some traditions just need to be retired after a while.

And today we’re gonna get an earful!

Take a look and see the traditions that folks on AskReddit don’t need to exist.

This is gonna be good!

1. Definitely.

“Shark fin soup.

It’s barbaric.”

2. Fired up about this one.

“Elf on the Shelf. F**king pointless.

Also, where did that creep even come from?”

3. DUMB.

“That whole “if you don’t love me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best” thing.

Just an excuse to be a jerk…”

4. Kind of weird.

“Call me a prude.

But this new thing where brides are doing some kind of s**y dance for the groom, at their wedding. But totally forgetting the rest of both their families are there.

I don’t know where or when it started, but just no.”

5. Leaves a mark.

“Forcing kids to sit on Santa’s lap. How many pictures are out there of kids squirming and crying trying to get away?

I remember him being smelly, hot and sweaty! Very gross for a little girl to be forced anywhere near that.”

6. Love is in the air.

“Valentine’s Day is a useless holiday that’s just an excuse for florists, restaurants and chocolatiers to make money.

I say this as a happily married person who celebrates it out of adherence to tradition.”

7. Terrible.

“Child brides.

I cannot believe that this needs to be said, but in the USA, child brides exist, and it’s legal in 44 states for under 18 years of age, and in 20 of those, there is NO minimum age at all.”

8. Outdated.

“Asking a woman’s father for permission to marry her.

Before we got married, I told my husband-to-be he was not allowed to ask my father.

The decision was mine, and mine only, and my father had no say in the matter.”

9. The view from abroad.

“In modern western culture: paying other people money to raise your children so you go work to make that money.


I want to raise my own children and so does that women raising my kids. America needs better family policies, daycare is stupid.”

10. Should it be changed?

“Having the minimum age for presidency be 35 years old as a precedent.

We should have doctors/engineers/war veterans in office, not these old snakes in suits that want what’s best for themselves, and I mean that in the sense of both parties.”

11. Thoughts?


It’s not the Dark Ages anymore.

You can clean your pe**s quite easily nowadays in the shower.”

12. No thanks…

“Kissing under the mistletoe in people’s houses during the holiday season.

They just expect you’ll go along with it, whether you want it or not.”

What traditions do you think don’t need to exist?

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