13 People Share What They Think Is the Worst Part of Depression

Depression is multi-faceted and it affects every person in different ways.

And what one person thinks is manageable can seem can be totally unbearable to another individual.

What’s the worst part of depression?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. No feelings.

“The “feeling nothing” feeling.

Being unable to focus, to be distracted, to be moved, nothing can reach you anymore.

It’s like being in a locked empty room.”

2. Detached.

“The detachment aspect of depression is probably the worst for me.

I lose my ability to speak to people closest to me and I have a hard time opening up again or reaching out when I go through stages of depression- especially when I’ve unintentionally hurt someone close to me due to it, Im a very sympathetic and emotional person but when I go through waves of depression, I lose that ability and it sucks.

Another thing which i guess goes hand and hand with detaching is the lack of self care that I do for myself and feel guilty when I try. It’s a miserable game if that’s what you wanna call it and some people see it as you being selfish but neglecting everything and not being able to do anything about it due to depression is not a selfish act, it can be a cry for help.”

3. No way out.

“Being fully aware of the fact that you need help, but you still can’t bring yourself to admit it, and also knowing that you may permanently feel this way and there’s no way out if it.”

4. Not believing you.

“Having to explain your feelings to your family, for them only to tell you you’re faking it to get out of school.

Then getting asked why you never said anything the day after you tried to off yourself.”

5. The ripple effect.

“When it affects people close to you. They become sad and may even be depressed because of my poor wellbeing.

And their downness made my depression worse. It was a brutal cycle.”

6. Suffer in silence.

“The suffering in silence part. When no one around you understands, so you have to hide it.

Which makes you feel so alone and your failures make you feel like a burden. But still, you can’t talk to anyone, because your loves ones’ words may hurt you and there is no rational way to explain how you feel.

You suffer in silence, alone, desperate and hopeless, because it’s only you.”

7. Nothing’s working.

“When nothing seems to help.

Talking with people, exercise, making your favorite meal, resting, listening to uplifting music, watching a movie or show, or even engaging in your favorite hobby fail to get you out of it.

When it gets to that hopeless feeling.”

8. Fatigue.

“For me it’s actively knowing I need to get up and get moving to help raise my energy or mood but I’m physically incapable of getting out of bed.

Literally trapped in my body and won’t allow myself to do the things I know will improve my situation.”

9. Rewired brain.

“Being depressed so long that it feels like it rewires your brain and becomes your default state.

I feel like being depressed all throughout high-school really subdued my personality and it comes back so incredibly easily.”

10. Bad.

“The ever changing sleep schedule. It’s so hard to keep track of that you constantly forget what day it is and what time it is, making you feel isolated.

No schedule means a decline in cleanliness and order. You basically just fall apart and try to stay alive.”

11. Infuriating.

“The fact that people don’t believe you because its “all in your head.”

You know the advice they give you: Don’t think about it. Go for long walks. Exercise. If you don’t think about it, you won’t be depressed.

There is something wrong with my brain and it needs to be treated with medical intervention. You see a guy with a broken leg, you don’t immediately walk up to him and say “Get up. Walk it off. If you don’t think about your leg, it won’t be broken anymore.” No, you get him help and months of follow up.”

12. Can’t keep up.

“The upkeep of everything.

When you can’t clean or organize your stuff and watch everything getting really gross while at the same time lacking the willpower and energy to even bring the dirty dishes in the kitchen.”

13. Debilitating.

“People thinking you’re lazy, moody and unfriendly, when you’re d**ng inside.

It becomes so debilitating that you withdraw, can’t function normaly or support yourself.”

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