12 People Share The Dumbest Way They’ve Hurt Themselves

It goes without saying that some humans are clumsier than others, whether it’s due to a natural lack of coordination or a tendency to not pay attention.

That said, everyone hurts themselves in stupid ways from time to time, because we’re, well, human.

These 12 people, though, are willing to admit to these hilariously dumb injuries – and so much the better for all of us.

12. It’s like a cartoon.

You probably had to see it to believe it.

11. That first one, though.

A classic.

10. I mean, fair.

Bravo if you could have a different reaction.

9. She was just standing there.

Getting old is rough, y’all.

8. Womp-womp.

I mean, I guess now you have an excuse to bow out in the future.

7. One of my worst fears as a kid.

Good to know it wasn’t completely unfounded.

6. When you say elevated…

I can’t be more than a foot. It’s putt-putt!

5. Hey, that’s serious business.

You’ve gotta whoop the fam.

4. Who among us has not?

And will probably do it again.

3. Wow, he really went after it.

Alcohol may have been involved, as they say.

2. I’m going to need a judge’s ruling on this…

Is there a bone density issue? Should I be worried?

1. If you’re over a certain age, a back injury can happen anywhere.

And everywhere. And nowhere.

I’m definitely guilty of some of these acts. Ha!

What’s the dumbest way you’ve hurt yourself? Tell us the story in the comments!