Funny Tweets for People With Short Attention Spans

What’s that you said? I couldn’t hear you…because I wasn’t really paying attention.

Sorry, it’s a problem I’m trying to work on…when I can focus on it…which isn’t very often.

But we’re today not to talk about my many problems in life, but because you probably have a short attention span too and we should enjoy some hilarious tweets together!

So let’s all try to stay focused for the next several minutes so we can read these tweets and have some great laughs. Let’s get it started…and try to keep your wits about you, okay?

1. That wasn’t cool.

Not cool at all…

2. This is very true…

They are a peculiar people.

3. Wait just a second.

What are you trying to tell me here?

4. Now this is good!

I see what you did there!

5. Don’t you dare dismiss your heritage!

This kid needs to be taught a lesson.

6. Now we know why…

This is crucial information.

7. That hurts. A lot.

Their faces tell you everything you need to know.


8. This is what bread sits around and does all day.

In case you were wondering.

9. I need a favor…

Another favor, I should say.


10. I do not agree with this!

LaCroix for life!

11. Now I remember…

One of the best things in life…

12. Now let’s see how smart you are.

Every stone in the WORLD, we’re talking about.

13. Good idea.

Actually, don’t try that at home.

Now we want to hear from you.

Have you seen anything particularly funny on social media lately?

Tweets? Memes? Jokes? Photos?

If so, please share them with us in the comments1