12 People Share the First Thing They’d Do if They Found Out That Heaven Exists

Is there an afterlife?

Does Heaven exist?

Most of us have contemplated those questions at least a few times in our lives, right?

But what would you do first if you actually out that Heaven is real?

AskReddit users opened up and answered that question.

1. A time to cry.

“In all reality? Probably cry for about 30 minutes because the biggest existential fear at the very core my my humanity has now been lifted.

If Heaven exists, like 50% of the awesomeness is just the very fact that it exists.”

2. The race.

“Ask my childhood friend Kevon for a race. He used to beat me handily when were younger (9-13) and he’d always brag. when I got older and faster I moved away so I was never able to race him again.

We arranged for a race but he was shot multiple times and bound to a wheelchair until he passed a few years ago. I wanna race him both in our prime.”

3. Reunited.

“Find my husband, give him a huge hug and never let go again.

Live our forever together.

I love him and miss him so much.”

4. Let’s have a beer.

“Find my son and have a beer with him.

Something we never got to do in real life.”

5. Brothers.

“Try to find my brother.

Man, I miss him.

He d**d in 2020 at age 34.”

6. Sounds perfect.

“Hopefully, all my pets who d**d would be my welcoming committee, and I’d hug each one.”

7. Let’s see the numbers.

“Find reception to ask if i can see my stats.

Number of steps taken, heartbeats, blinks, the amount of times I’ve had certain thoughts.”

8. Eternity.

“I would begin to worry what I’m going to do…

For forever…”

9. Hugs.

“Find my mom and hug her again.

Then find my dog an hug him again, too.”

10. Trippy.

“Hopefully the past would be available as well as the present. Learn the truth of of history’s greatest mysteries.

And while tempting, do not let us observe alternate scenarios. While comforting to know that a choice we made was the best one, would be t**ture to see what could have been.”

11. Never let go.

“Find my Grandad and tell him Grandma is getting on well and that she misses him dearly and still speaks to his photo that she has right next to her chair.

Then hug him and never let him go.”

12. Live it up.

“I’d have a cocktail; vodka and ginger ale.

Then I’d smoke a c**arette 9 miles long.

Then I’d kiss that pretty girl on the tilt-a-whirl.

‘Cause this old man is ‘goin to town!”

What would you do if you found out Heaven exists?

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