12 People Share the Unsolved Mysteries That Still Creep Them Out

There are a bunch of unsolved mysteries that have captured my imagination over the years and that continue to intrigue me.

The Zodiac Ki**er. The Yuba County Five. Heck, I’m even fascinated by legends like the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot.

And the truth is that there is a never-ending supply of unsolved mysteries to scare the hell out of you.

AskReddit users shared the unsolved mysteries that still give them the creeps.

Let’s get spooky.

1. Who was he?

“The Zodiac Ki**er.

What’s very interesting is that they have 2 prime suspects but can’t legally pin the crime on either one of them. One guy perfectly fits the crime on paper, but DNA evidence disproves that.

The other guy matches all the DNA evidence, but doesn’t fit the paper evidence. It’s really bizarre.”

2. The same name…

“The two Mary Morris m**ders. They occurred near Houston Texas within days of each other.

Police believe they are connected but it is a big mystery as to who did it. It is still unsolved. This happened in the early 2000s.”

3. A weird one.

“The story of Cindy Hack. Had a stalker for 7 years. Reported many, many occurrences of the stalker to the police So many, in fact, they eventually stopped believing her, as they never once saw any stalker activity.

The ordeal put her through hell, and made her into an extremely anxious, paranoid person. She eventually turned up d**d at some random abandoned house, bound and overdosed.

People are split. Some think she did it herself, others think she did have a stalker.”

4. Very scary.

“The Delphi m**ders.

Feb 13 2017, 13 year old Abby and 14 year old Libby were spending the afternoon on some hiking trails. Libby posted a photo of of Abby walking the Monon High Bridge, they weren’t heard from again after this and were reported missing after failing to meet Libby’s father at their designated time. The girls were found d**d the next day about .5 mile from the bridge. The police have not released how the girls were m**dered.

Feb 15 a grainy image was released of a man walking the bridge at the same time the girls were, and he was listed as a prime suspect. Feb 22 law enforcement released an audio recording of the suspect saying “down the hill”. It was revealed that the audio and picture were both found on Libby’s phones.”

5. A mystery.

“Around my area it’s the 3 Skelton Brothers.

Missing since Thanksgiving of 2010. The father has been in prison since then due to possible involvement, but is up for parole again soon. No bodies and no direct evidence linking him to the disappearance of his 3 sons.

He was the last person seen with them, so I think that’s why he’s in prison. He was denied parole last year.”

6. So strange…

“Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

How a very large, top of the line commercial plane operated by a major airline carrier can just… disappear?”

7. The Sodder family.

“In the 1940s it was Christmas Eve and the Sodder family was getting ready for bed. The mother allowed the youngest children to stay up late, as long as they were supervised by the eldest daughter.

A while later there was a phone call and the mother went to go answer, but when she picked up it was just a woman’s laughter. After answering she went to go check on the kid’s but none of them were down there except the eldest daughter that was fast asleep on the couch. The youngest children had went to bed… so it appeared. The blinds were not shut, the door was not locked.

These were regular things the kids had to do, and the mother assumed that they just forgot. She did the chores and then went to sleep. A bit later she was awoken by what seemed to be a rubber ball bouncing on the roof. She ignored it and then went back to sleep. A bit later she woke up again and there was a huge fire that had started and was beginning to engulf the house, the mother woke the father who woke the children and one of the children was in charge of waking up the kids sleeping in the attic.

The entire first floor was engulfed and the boy went up and yelled for the kids sleeping in the attic to come down, he ran after yelling and got out of the house, but the kids never followed. After the entire house was engulfed they began sobbing, realizing the kids were most likely d**d.

The court determined that the fire was caused by faulty electrical boxes. But the most chilling detail in the story, is that no bones were found of the kids. And something that could be even worse, is that in the bushes, behind their house, they found a Pineapple grenade.”

8. Missing.

“An autistic 11 year old kid in Omaha, Ryan Larsen went missing.

He walked out of school three months ago and has been gone since.

He did research how to hide from police.”

9. Frightening.

“The random feet found in shoes on beaches along the Washington and Canadian coasts.

That’s it, just a foot in a shoe.

They’ve found like, 20 feet.”

10. OMG.

“My half brother was kidnapped off his paper route, st**ngled, and hung from a door inside a laundromat two blocks from home.

No fingerprints were left, and the ki**er was never found.

For years afterward, somebody hung a noose from my dad’s rearview mirror on the anniversary of the m**der.”

11. Vanished.

“Garrett Bardsley

I was friends with his older brother in high school when he went missing. There were search parties out constantly but never turned up anything. Garrett played baseball on my little brother’s team and that whole family is so nice it ki**s me that Garrett is still out there somewhere and that we’ll probably never know what happened.

For those that are unfamiliar with this case. Garrett and his dad were camping up in the Uintas here in Utah on a scout trip. They walked to the lake to go fishing, Garrett got his pants, shoes and socks wet and went to change at the camp site which was only 100-200 feet away and was never seen again.

There were about 15 other scouts and about 5 other adults in the area with them too if I remember correctly. It’s crazy and terrifying and absolutely depressing.”

12. Tragic.

“Don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet, but those yogurt shop m**ders of four teenage girls in Austin TX back in 1991. Some boys were convicted of them but the convictions were overturned.

Also, I believe that some DNA found on one of the girls didn’t match any of the guys who were charged. A very tragic and convoluted case.

There’s a great book about it called ‘Who Ki**ed These Girls?’ by Beverly Lowry.”

How about you?

What do you think are the creepiest unsolved mysteries out there?

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