14 People Talk About the Inventions They Think We’d Be Better off Without

It’s pretty wild to think about how much technology has advanced even in the last twenty years.

But what will happen with those new inventions in the future?

Will they continue to benefit us?

Or will they take a sinister turn and be harmful to humans instead of helping them?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

People on AskReddit talked about the inventions that they think we’d be better off without.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Pretty annoying.

“Ads on streaming services that I F**KING pay for.

You don’t need revenue, Hulu, that’s what my subscription is!”

2. Embarrassing.

“Reality TV.

I swear it glamorized the worst kind of behavior, and we ate it up.”

3. Not built to last anymore.

“Planned obsolescence.

I remember when things were built to last and I’m only in my 20s.”

4. That is scary stuff.

“Deepfake videos.

Anytime I see a video with it all i’m left feeling is fear for the future.”

5. Profit over health.

“The food pyramid brought to you by General mMills, the dairy industry, and countless other big corporations whose goal was profit over the health of others.”

6. Terrible.


Not only is it terrible, many people stick it in their recycling bin, making it likely the whole bin will go to the landfill due to the unrecyclable styrofoam.”

7. I’ve heard about this.

“Standardized testing.

“These tests are too crude to be used, and should be abandoned” -Horace Mann the inventor of standardized testing on the subject of standardized testing.”

8. Amen!

“So-called influncers.

I’m probably too old to understand them but I certainly don’t want my 1 year old to aspire to be one.”

9. Can be bad for some people.

“Social media.

Addictive, dehumanizing, causes depression, promotes terrible behavior, actively reduces our capacity to have real human connections.”

10. Ruined the environment.


They’ve ruined the environment by ki**ing off the pollinators.

I swear, they will be the reason for more food shortages just as swiftly as climate change will affect us all.”

11. Weapons of war.

“Napalm, cluster bombs and sarin gas.

•Napalm is very hard to put out. Famously used by the USA in the Pacific theater.

•Cluster bombs are like mines because most don’t explode. Famously used by the USA in the fight again communism.

•Sarin gas cause a lot of suffering before d**th. Famously used in the Tokyo subway sarin attack.”

12. Seems cruel to me.

“Anti-Homeless Benches and Spikes.

And the rest of hostile architecture in general.”

13. Heat box nightmare.

“Tanning Beds.

Just let your skin be skin and don’t lock your body in a heat box nightmare.

People out here roasting themselves like a chicken.”

14. Can be dangerous.

“Touchscreens in cars.

Seriously, it’s like they forgot that the point of “don’t text and drive” was to make sure your eyes stay on the road and not fiddling around a screen.

It’s not necessarily bad that the screen is big (a GPS map is pretty helpful), but if ALL of the functions including radio and AC are through a screen, that’s stupid and dangerous.

Buttons are fine for this, because you can work it without looking.”

What invention do you think we’d all be better off without?

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