It would be nice to think that all inventions are meant to benefit humanity and would do so forever and ever…

But we all know that ain’t the truth, right?

Times change, things evolve, and sometimes inventions take on a whole different life of their own.

So you just never know…

What invention would we be better off without?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Tons of it.

“Fast fashion.

I can’t imagine the amount of cheap, tacky clothes just mountains in landfills.”

2. There’s no escape.

“Scam calls!

We get them on our house phone all the time and it’s so annoying.”

3. Annoying.

“Cookie pop-ups.

How come we still don’t have a more efficient way to manage our browsing privacy?”

4. Weird.

“Beauty pageants for children.

I honestly do not understand why people are fans of these shows and enjoy going. I feel bad for the children who are forced to participate because a lot of the times, the mothers make them wear inappropriate clothing, or sometimes force them to change their body even tho a lot of the times, the kids are like 4 years old.

There was once an episode of Toddlers in Tiaras where a mom forced her kids to bleach their hair and teeth at only 2 and 5 years old. I was shocked at how these kids had to do this to their bodies at such a young age since they are still growing.”

5. Bad news.

“Seafloor trawling…

It destroys the habitant of fish just so we can squeeze every bit of a fish from an area…”

6. Inaccurate.

“The Polygraph machine.

Super inaccurate and I believe even the inventor cursed its existence.”

7. Ugh.

“Drug commercials.

F**k me, your average joe, making drug recommendations TO MY DOCTOR – who spent 10+ years studying and working to be in the position.”

8. Enough!

“Pop up ads.

Not only are they so annoying but can either scam or install malware on the devices of unsuspecting people.”

9. Missing billboards.

“LED advertising.

They’re too f**king bright and now they’re putting mini screens on trucks that drive around town and it pi**es me off. There’s already enough distraction on the road.

I miss the billboards that had the rotating panels. Those were cool.”

10. Terrible.

“Landmines. I’ll tell you why:

They render large tracts of land completely unusable

They are expensive and difficult to remove safely because there is seldom documentation of where they are placed

They are cheap, plentiful, easy to place, and d**dly

They ki**/maim livestock and wild animals

They ki**/maim innocent people decades after conflicts have ended. Many times the victims are children because they can’t read or don’t understand warning signs.”

11. Just stop.

“Auto play videos, especially in non video streaming websites.

NOBODY asked for them, yet so much work is getting put into making it a web standard.

Just f**king stop.”

12. Dangerous material.


Too many people (including myself) have lost grandparents or parents to mesothelioma.”

13. Awful.

“Shark fin soup.

Tens of millions of sharks are k**led every year for their fins that offer little nutritional value and serve no purpose outside of being a status symbol.”

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