12 People Share Their Favorite Advice From Their Therapist

I’m a firm believer in therapy, and I even think that almost everyone could use a trained ear to give feedback on our lives and our issues now and again.

Not all of us go to therapy – we don’t feel like we need it, someone else in our lives is preventing it, or maybe we can’t afford it (or we don’t have the time), but thanks to the internet, that doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from a therapist’s wisdom.

Check out these 12 people who are willing to share some of the more profound pieces of advice they’ve absorbed.

12. Everyone goes through it.

Those kids are a handful, I tell you what.

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11. You can only be responsible for your own thoughts.

Let go of taking on any more for anyone else.

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10. Take care of your body.

And forgive people for not being everything you need all the time.

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9. Games are for kids.

If you want an adult relationship to work, you have to talk.

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8. It’s we and not you.

As hard as that can be sometimes.

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7. You’re not having a feeling about the future.

You’re just having a feeling.

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6. Pain is not a competition.

Neither is trauma, so acknowledge yours.

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5. Get comfortable with confrontation.

You won’t be sorry.

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4. A little visualization practice.

You can do it with a little practice.

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3. Mostly happy is fine.

It’s honestly the best you can hope for.

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2. You don’t even have to wear them outside your clothes if you don’t want.

But they’re not attached to you.

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1. If you’re truly doing your best, don’t beat yourself up.

Sometimes bad things happen.

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I need to tattoo some of these on my forehead, I swear.

What’s a great piece of advice you’ve gotten from your therapist? If it’s not here, share it with us in the comments!