12+ People Share Their Tricks for Turning a Bad Day into a Good One

Photo Credit: Pixabay

We all have those days that are complete crap and it seems like everything just makes it worse and there’s no way to make it better. The next time you run into one, try to remember these 15 pieces of advice on how to turn that frown upside down!

#15. Your mind is doing you favors.

“Realizing it’s Friday when I thought it was Thursday.”

#14. Check your pockets.

“Finding forgotten cash.”

#13. Overheard hilarity is the best kind.

“Listening to amusing conversations tends to do the trick for me.”

#12. My kids.

“When my kids run over to me and yell “DADDY!” and jump into my arms.

if thats the metric of a good day then i have lots of bad days since the mom has them most days now”

#11. Small surprises.

“Any small surprise. A burrito from my favorite tex mex place, a 6 pack of a beer I like, a blow job, going on a hike in good weather.

And if all of those things happen the same day, then you can turn a good day into a great one.”

#10. It really does make everything better.

“Unexpected Pizza.”

#9. Do it for others.

“Making someone smile or laugh.”

#8. Good for the soul.

“Music, Always.”

#7. The dogs.

“When I get home and see my dogs dancing in excitement at the door. My kids may be mad at me, I may have had the worst day at work, I may not have slept much, but the happiness that my dogs project immediately turns it all around.”

#6. Make room

“My mothers words: That there has to be bad days to make room for the better ones.

Gives a little hope for a rainy day.”

#5. I’m not sure which would be better.

“Finding $100 on the ground next to some puppies.”

#4. Simple but effective.

“A hug.”

#3. Even from a stranger.

“An unexpected compliment!”

#2. Cat people.

“My cat sleeping on my lap while purring.”

#1. Any dog will do.

“Petting a dog.”

I’m feeling better already!