12 People Share Things They Don’t Think Young Folks Would Know About the Early Days of the Internet

The Internet is constantly evolving and 10 years down the road, the technology we use today will seem outdated.

And today we’re gonna travel back in time to the early days of the ‘Net to educate young people about what it was like back in the day.

Take a look!

1. No!

“Downloading a song from Limewire and then going to listen to it and then you hear “I did not have s**ual relations with that woman”.”

2. A whole lot of them.

“The pop-ups. Oh my god, the pop ups.

You’d open a webpage and 20 windows would open and most of them were p**n ads. It took a while for pop-up blockers to become a thing, now you can’t even advertise with pop-ups because all browsers block them by default.

I still occasionally refer to my ad blocker as my pop-up blocker.”

3. Sounds interesting!

“I remember one of my friends asking me, “Have you heard of YouTube?”

And I said no.”

4. Here we go again.

“My parents neighbor, a former naval captain had some sort of ship radio as a hobby, which was a 10 meter high antenna tower standing in his backyard.

Whenever he used that thing, every computer in the neighborhood would start making funny noises.”

5. The old days.

“Being “offline”.

Now everyone is online all the time, but “going online” was an actual limited time thing you went and did and then when you are done you got “offline”.

Now being online is a permanent state of being.”

6. Never heard of it.

“My friend had a Prodigy account, which predates even AOL.

The first time I ever used the internet, probably around 1990, we were on a Prodigy forum and my friend posted something with “f**k” or “s**t” or the like.

About a week later his dad got a letter in the mail–as in a paper letter through the post office–from Prodigy, stating that the language he used in the chat was inappropriate and please refrain from using bad words. It was a different age.”

7. Like a community.

“Dedicated Internet forums for specific things instead of a subreddit.

They were like mini communities and if you spent enough time on them you went there for the community rather than the actual subject matter.

I know forums sort of still exist but they’re nowhere near what they were. I spent/wasted some great times on forums for niche games and I didn’t even game much.”

8. Might be a while.

“I used to keep a magazine beside the computer so I could read something while waiting for a web page to load.”

9. Fancy.

“The web pages that were way to flashy.

Falling snow, custom cursors, music randomly playing, animated gifs everywhere.”

10. Do you remember?



flash game sites in general, everything is an app now




11. It was handy.

“Old school site maps.

Sites would have a page which listed every page associated with that site.

They were actually pretty handy, especially if something wasn’t obvious on the main pages.”

12. No Google at all.

“No Google.

But 10 other search engines.

With assorted c**p in the results. Bookmarks so much more important.”

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