12 People Share True Stories That Happened to Them That No One Believes

You’re not gonna believe this!!

Have you ever been so breathlessly worked up to tell your friends an outrageous story that happened to you only to have them NOT believe you?

Yeah, it’s a bummer!

But these folks on AskReddit swear that these stories really happened to them.

Take a look at what they had to say

1. Weirdo.

“I was waiting to get the tube on the London Underground, one just pulled up but we decided it was too busy and we’d wait for the next one.

There was a woman who kept staring at me, intense eye contact. She got on the crowded tube and continued to stare. She turned to face the man next to her, who’s back was turned, she then licked this guys giant afro (unbeknownst to him) whilst maintaining eye contact with me, the doors closed and the tube went away.

People think it’s too random to be true, the memory is burnt into my brain.”

2. Lucky.

“One time as a kid I was standing by the edge of a cliff over my dads garage (had been climbing it with a friend)

It was pretty slippery at the edge and because of that I accidently slipped and fell. It was probably 6-7 meters down to the ground.

At the ground there was this singular plank that had been placed to rest between two tables.

I literally fell down 5-6 meters, landed with my butt on the plank and bounced down on the ground feet first.

It didn’t hurt one bit. I don’t know how I got so lucky.”

3. Sounds like a cartoon.

“I once saw a cat and a skunk startle one another, on opposite sides of a shed, and sprint around the corner…to smack into each other.”

4. Surreal.

“I fully admit how stupid this was, but I was swimming by myself in the Gulf in fairly clear water about 10-15ft deep.

My parents and sister were on the beach watching me.

With how clear and calm the water was, I’d occasionally go under, blow out all my air, and jsut sit on the sandy bottom. I can open my eyes in short intervals in saltwater so I’d look around a bit once I settled on the bottom.

During one of these drops to the bottom, I bumped into something and a giant, dark blob took up nearly my entire field of vision when I opened my eyes.

At first, I thought it was an Alligator and I was a goner, but it turned out to be an equally startled manatee.

I had no idea they could swim that fast.

Most people don’t believe me, but it was one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had.”

5. Big winner!

“When i was a kid my family would watch the lottery drawing after the nightly news. It was the Texas lottery then.

I remember sitting there and for some reason I started just saying numbers trying to guess what the balls were going to be before they called them out. I guessed all the numbers correctly before they were called out.

My family was freaked out that i did that but laughed about it, joking that im picking numbers for their tickets from now on. I recalled the story at a family get together years later and none of them remember that moment. I remember it.”

6. Smart cat.

“I walked in on my cat peeing in the toilet.

I walked in, my cat stopped for a second as we stared at each other in disbelief… my cat finished peeing then ran out.”

7. Weird.

“I had a job interview in a town I never been in before. Got lost and decided to park the car and walked up to a random stranger, some old man I never seen before. Asked him where I can find “name of business”.

He politely tells me where to find it, and then says, “You’re welcome (MY FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME)”. I never told him my first and last name, just asked for directions. I was dumbfounded, and he just chuckles and walks off into some store.

I think back to it every so often, I have an uncommon name there’s no way you can even guess it.”

8. What are you doing here?

“Almost thirteen years after high school I ran into a former classmate in a bookstore, about 300 mlles from where we grew up.

I imagine the horrified expression on his face when I greeted him, while he wondered who this weirdo was who knew him, was the same one you had when he said your name.”

9. No one believes me…

“In the summer of 1987 I was in a bar in a little village in New York outside the gates of West Point.

It was the middle of the week and it was just me and the bartender. Willie Nelson walked in, sat down on a barstool and drank with us for a couple of hours.

He was at the very height of his popularity. I had just read his autobiography a few weeks before and he was my favorite singer. I’m chatty but I was tongue tied that day.

No one believed me afterwards. I suspect no one believes me today.”

10. Did you see that?

“I saw the Green Flash when the sun sets. It was on Anna Maria Island. I was with my partner who has since passed away.

He saw it too, but I’m afraid no one would believe me. It’s a moment I will remember forever. RIP Michael.”

11. Crazy.

“My Dad picked me up and we went about 20 miles out to the countryside. He was visiting a friend who had a river run through his property, Dad wanted to talk to the guy about fishing.

The guy also had a little shop selling knick knacks and ornaments. My Dad is one the stingiest people alive, he never buys anything. I BEGGED him to let me choose a gift, he allowed me just one. I chose a small blue-ish Viking statue, it was half a set, but I definitely wasn’t allowed to buy the woman Viking. Just one.

When I got home, my mum said she had went for a drive that day with her partner, stopped at a tiny gift shop and bought a woman Viking statue. The other half of the set.”

12. You’re nuts!

“I charged at a grizzly bear.

I let my dog outside one night while my husband was at work. The house we used to rent didn’t have lights in the backyard, so I would shine a flash light through the living room windows into the yard when he went out.

I was standing there watching my dog and he suddenly stopped and was staring at something. I whipped the flashlight in the direction he was looking, and less than 10ft from him was a grizzly bear staring down my dog, with only a flimsy chicken wire fence between them.

My mind quickly flashed to our safe upstairs and I knew I didn’t have enough time to get up there. So I ran outside towards the bear like a bridge troll, stomping, waving my arms to look big, blinding the bear with the flashlight, and yelled in the deepest and loudest voice I could muster. “Go away, bear! Leave him alone! Get out of here!”

The bear was shook and just darted off into the darkness. I ran down to my dog and swooped his ass up and threw him inside and locked the door.

In the same month, someone else in town had their dog killed by a bear when they let them outside at night. I’ve stopped telling people this story because no one believes I would actually charge at a bear or they think I’m insane, but I f**king love my dog.”

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