12 People Share What Addictions They Think Society Views as Normal

We’re living in strange times, my friends.

If I had to pinpoint three things that most Americans are addicted to, I’d say our phones, caffeine, and sugar…and it’s seen as totally normal by most people!

And there’s plenty more where that came from.

Check out what folks had to say about this on AskReddit.

1. Over the top.

“I know many people who are addicted to “Bargain” shopping.

They haunt these return warehouses that sell goods returned to big retailers like Costco or Target, or goods that just never sold well in the first place.

They bring home endless loads of treasures – broken cartons of food, dinged up furniture, throw rugs, exercise equipment, patio sets. At last count, my neighbor had 6 patio sets.”

2. Sad.

“I live in a small town and I watch this one lady go to the local gas station and buy tickets 5 or 6 times, then go to the gas station up the street to buy tickets 5 or 6 times, then go to a gas station further away to buy tickets 5 or 6 times.

Then at lunchtime, she goes back to those gas stations, plus then the liquor store, and then back to all of those places but in the opposite order when she’s going home.

I’ve seen her do all this because I stop at the first gas station at the same time as her in the morning, and I work across from the second gas station and the liquor store is on the other corner. Plus I’ve driven by at different times of the day, and she’s always at the same spots at the same times. She has a very strict routine.

It’s really sad to see but maybe she wins enough to stay profitable? Doubt it, but maybe.”

3. Absolutely.

“Smartphones in general I’d say.

So many (myself included) are unable to put their phones away completely during social settings. The phone follows you everywhere now.

I remember the days when I would read the ingredients on the nearest shampoo bottle while taking a s**t because there was nothing else to do.”

4. Sugar overload.

“It’s not only an addiction to sugar, but the fact we are inundated. I want to drop a few lbs so the first diet I do is no more sugar. A few carbs from quality sources are ok, but no sugar.

Well good luck. It seems 95% of things in any supermarket in the US are loaded with sugar. Finding things to eat that don’t have any sugar is pretty difficult, especially if you don’t want fake sweeteners either.”

5. Take care of yourself.

“Hustle culture and neglecting your sleep and social life in order to hustle more.

Sufficient amounts of quality sleep are one of the most important things you can do to live a long and healthy life (as important as diet and exercise).

And you need a social life (be in with friends or playing games online etc) in order to keep your mental health good.”

6. Get a life.

“The Gotcha addiction.

Rather than trying to have useful conversations, a ton of people are just looking for ways to make other people wrong about stuff and to one-up them.”

7. Sweet leaf.


Most my friends s**ke. A few are very addicted and not themselves if they can’t get their sm**ing in.

They go through withdrawals. Maybe it’s because of how potent the stuff is now-a-days.”

8. It’s true.

“Righteous indignation.

So much of our world has become addicted to the endorphin rush they get when they work up a fit of righteous indignation. They get to point their finger at THAT bad person and proclaim their own victimhood. It is not only acceptable, but even lauded. It happens on the small, individual scale, and on the large, even global scale.

This addiction has become the single defining characteristic of modern political discourse. This addiction has torn apart families, ruined friendships, and if it continues unabated, will destroy democracy.”

9. All dolled up.


And it absolutely is an addiction for many, many women. Most of the women I know will not leave the house without putting it on, and they’re among the more mild users I have found.

Forget airbrushing in magazines, ladies. We’ve all been programmed to airbrush ourselves in reality. I know I am going to earn a lot of downvotes and see a lot of replies about how you wear makeup for yourself, but just consider what I am saying for a minute.”

10. Unhealthy.

“Getting skinny/ losing weight.

Especially in developing countries where people aren’t aware of issues like eating disorders, people will absolutely praise you for starving yourself. For me when I was deep into anorexia, I could openly starve myself in front of my family because I was on a “diet”.

Although my family did intervene once I started looking emaciated. But people around me would straight up praise me for not eating.”

11. Stack that cash.

“Accumulating wealth.

You are expected to want to horde more than you can ever use at the detriment of others.”

12. My friend Jesus.


A girl I know can’t have a conversation without quoting the Bible or talking about Jesus like he is an old friend of hers.

I’m not religious so I find it really annoying but everyone else seems fine with it.”

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