What Addiction Is Seen as Completely Normal by Society? People Responded.

I’m not saying I’m completely innocent of this, but the human addiction to our phones these days is just…bizarre.

Next time you’re in a restaurant, look around the room and you’ll see couples and groups of friends sitting at tables together with their noses in their phones, and they don’t even look at or talk to each other.

If you saw a scene like this in a movie twenty years ago, you’d think it was a joke.

But here we are, people…

What addiction is seen as normal by society?

Here’s how people responded on AskReddit.

1. Can’t look away.


The algorithm is insanely good at keeping people on it for long periods of time.”

2. Yes.

“Al**hol, honestly.

Like yeah it can get bad enough that people see it as a problem but it is way later than it should be and Al**hol is so much a requirement for people to have fun that it’s kind of sad.

I know people who will not date people who don’t drink.

A friend of my wife’s recently was sent a photo of her friend by her fiancé, who is a doctor, who was giving her IV fluids at home because she was so dangerously d**nk. It was done in a jokey manner. My wife and I were concerned but we’re so the minority with that group that it fell on deaf ears.

Though, pretty inarguably, the latter is into the it’s a serious problem kind of thing but everyone’s acceptance of Al**hol just kind of makes it a fun little anecdote.

Her brother passed out with his eyes open in a locked bathroom, they had to break the door down, I thought the kid was d**d. Another fun anecdote.

I’d think it was just that group but I hear these fun stories from so many people.”

3. Can’t stop.

“Online shopping.

I deliver for USPS and there are several houses on my route that get new clothes nearly every day.”

4. That’s not good.

“I have a friend who wastes at least a third of his income on scratch off tickets, and just gambling in general.

I watched him clean off a scratcher for $100 just to go spend it all on more scratchers that only ended up winning 10 bucks. Then complained about being broke and asked me for money.”

5. Definitely.

“Social media…

Everyone is always on social media.

Even I am personally an “addict”. I’m constantly taking pictures for my Instagram, posting on my Snapchat, or scrolling through Tiktok.

An endless cycle between the three apps.”

6. A big one.


I’ve gone from drinking a 750 ml bottle of whiskey per day, s**king like a chimney (roughly a pack per day) to now 3 years completely sober.

I still can’t curb my sugar addiction.”

7. Try to get it under control.


I am completely addicted to food and it’s embarrassing, I eat like a glutton.
I workout every single day, I play sports every day.

If I had some eating discipline, I would have looked like an athlete, instead I have muscles and fats.

When I tell people how much I workout, they say they can’t see any effect of it.

I literally feeling like crying.”

8. It’s everywhere.

“Wine addiction.

And then they say “I’m not an al**holic”

Lady you drink a bottle a day I’m pretty sure you are because wine is still an al**holic drink.”

9. The grind.

“In America, living to work.

60+ hour work weeks and never taking vacation out of a weird loyalty to a company that will lay you off without hesitation if the bottom line is at risk.”

10. Fully caffeinated.


Quit caffeine a few weeks ago.

Went from a pot of coffee a day and sodas to zero. Felt like some one hit me in the head with a brick on day two.”

11. Show me the money.


So normal that I can’t find anyone mentioning it. People are encouraged to get as much as they can, more than they need, and any attempt to cut them off can provoke anger and retaliation.

Instead of being addressed the addiction is tolerated if not defended. A billionaire may often be portrayed as a success rather than someone with a worrying socially damaging problem.”

12. All an illusion.

“A fake lifestyle.

Social media (of course) is the root cause, but is sprouted this narcissism culture of always bragging—-and if you run out of actual things to brag about, you invent it.

You fake it.”

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