12 People Share What Is Considered Attractive but Doesn’t Appeal to Them

Do you ever watch a movie or flip through a magazine and think to yourself…”this is what people are into these days?!?!”

I do it all the time!

Because things are confusing out there lately…

What’s considered attractive but doesn’t appeal to you?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts about this.

1. Annoying.

“Anybody who plays hard to get. It seems very annoying to me.

U wanna date? Wonderful. U dont want to? Sucks but ok. Flippin between the 2? No worries i got u. It isnt happening”

2. Mysterious.

“Being too mysterious and unavailable.

The more I get to know someone the more attractive they become, generally.”

3. Trashy.


Too much flashy stuff does nothing for me.”

4. Insincere.

“The “look at this nice and humble thing I did for a stranger” videos.

Oh, and don’t forget to smash that Like button and subscribe!”

5. Too negative.

“Not liking things.

If seeming like a mature adult who doesn’t have any fun ever is a goal to you then you aren’t doing it right.

I get that being an adult entails things like responsibility and maturity but holy hell, that can’t be your only personality trait. There is no shame in enjoying things and acting like it.”

6. Too perfect.

“This is a strange one to explain but when a person is too perfect looking. The extremely sharp cheek bones, the eyes are usually blue. But they look photoshoped in real life.

If anyone remembers that one criminal that went viral for his mug shot a while ago. I went to school with a guy that looked just like that. He was a super sweet farm boy, but he hated the way he looked because so many just saw him for his face. So ya I don’t I think it’s not attractive to me but whatever floats your boat.”

7. No offense, but…

“Fake b**bs.

Fake b**bs are okay but I prefer the natural sag and bounce and whatever the natural body brings to the table.

No offense to the owners of the enhanced members of society.”

8. Beefy.

“Super beefed up guys…. thats awesome you like the gym and want to be healthy or into body building.

But I don’t find muscle on muscle attractive. Its too much. But as they say.. one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Everyone likes what they like.”

9. Ridiculous.

“The overfilled lips.

It’s become another way for people to ruin their faces trying to conform to a beauty standard that’s probably going to be gone in 10 more years.”

10. Duck lips.

“Women who try to push out their lips in pictures to make them look a little fuller.

It just comes off as fake to me and I don’t get why women think it looks better to alter their natural smile.”

11. Turn off.

“Oiled muscles.

Sorry but you look sticky and gross covered in that cr**p.

Total turn off for me.”

12. Not a good look.

“Filtered photos (Unless it’s for a joke)

It doesn’t fool anyone and just advertises vanity and lack of confidence.”

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