What Annoying Things Do People Revolve Their Entire Personalities Around? Here’s What Folks Said.

Oh, man, how much time you got, buddy?

To each their own, of course, but I think we can all admit that there are a lot of annoying things that people revolve their entire personalities around.

So let’s hear what AskReddit users had to say about this.

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1. Not a good thing.


People think it’s a quirk or an eccentricity, but it’s a SEVERLY distressing psychological disorder. I suffer from it myself and have been through hell with it.

People saying things like “I’m so OCD because I like things organized” adds to people taking OCD less seriously. When I’ve mentioned I had OCD, there’s probably a portion of people who just assumed I organized sometimes or liked things clean.”

2. Bingo!

“Mensa members.

Mensa membership is such a red flag.

There’s no reason to join a club about being smart unless you’re deeply insecure or arrogant.”

3. Pump it up.

“I had an ex who had no personality besides lifting, g**s, military stuff.

Funny thing was, I had a shooting range set up in my backyard and I’d take him shooting there a few times, yet he still treated me like garbage.

You’d think he’s at least try to make it work with the girl who’s got a shooting range if it’s his whole personality.”

4. A hot take.


“As a Mother of 2 daughters … <insert view that refutes doctors and science>”

“Oh you think YOU are tired? Wait till you have kids ….”

“Sir, as a husband and father of two children, I am the least likely person to behave inappropriately with my secretary.”

<Picture holding a shot**n> “The unfortunate boy who tries to date my daughter should have to go through her father first.””

5. Get a life.

“Being a conspiracy theorist and tryna get everyone to believe their crazy stuff and bringing every conversation topic back to some f**ked up conspiracy.”

6. Oh, Jerry.


No Jerry you’re not a “biker” you’re a telemarketer, no one is scared of you.”

7. Crusaders.

“I don’t know how to properly explain it but recently have seen/experienced a lot of people that base their personality off of being offended for other people and running with causes that are popular I guess.

Have read a lot of social media posts from folks that act like they have to be crusaders for every hot button issue and they now have the persona of a talk show or cable news host.”

8. USA!

“Their careers, it seems to be a more American thing than other cultures.

When meeting someone for the first time Americans tend to ask “what do you do?” rather than something like “what do you do for fun?” for instance.”

9. Jeep life.

“Driving a Jeep.

A soft top with a roll cage and the doors removed is a utilitarian design for combat in a war zone or functionality on rough terrain, not an aesthetic design for the parking lot of Whole Foods.

You look crazy.”

10. Does it really matter?

“Being gay.

Being gay is the least interesting thing about me. I just happened to prefer women.

Ask me about why I love puzzles instead.”

11. Ugh.

“Covid deniers. As a survivor and a sufferer of Long Covid.

It makes me so angry people can deny that this is happening . Personally I put you in the tin foil hat brigade. Flat earthers and chem trail wankers.

The uneducated and simple people who try to force their opinions on me and everyone else they meet. I h**e you all.”

12. I don’t get it.

“Recently saw a video on IG of this couple basing their entire account around being neurodivergent.

It wasn’t really for educational purposes either, it was more so “look at us being neurodivergent while doing mundane things!” or “pov: my bf when he sees me doing this thing differently because I’m on the spectrum!”

This felt so off to me.”

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