12 People Share What Most People Love but They Can’t Stand

How much time you got?!?!

I ask that because yes, there are a lot of things that the general public seems to like that I just really don’t understand.

But that’s just me…

And now it’s time to take a look at what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Blasphemy!


I am apparently the only suburban mom who doesn’t drink wine, and it makes other suburban moms incredibly uncomfortable.”

2. I’m not laughing.

“Actors who over exaggerate with their facial expressions to seem funny.

It gets on my nerves.”

3. All the same.

“Crime procedurals.

Every show is the same. All of them.

Your Cast:

The Leader who knows it all

The quirky lab tech

The tough cop who the leader forms a romantic connection with.

The goes against the rules renegade tech

The Newbie.”

4. Don’t care!

“A celebrity’s private life.

Just because I appreciate a singer or an actor doesn’t mean I want to know where he goes to while on vacation or the name of the new boy/girlfriend.”

5. Slow it down.

“Hustle culture.

“Wake up at 2:00 AM, run 145 miles, then gratitude journal, then meditate, blah blah.”

Just STFU.”

6. Not a fan.

“Going out to bars to congregate.

They’re always packed, you can never hear anything your friends say and you have to constantly shout over people and repeat yourself all night.

No idea how it became the typical social thing to do.”

7. Didn’t ask…

“Giving out unsolicited advice.

People just love giving suggestions even when no one has asked them for any.”

8. LOL.

“Those idiotic car or motorcycle restoration tv shows. They are just soap operas for gray beards.

I occasionally check one out because I love car and learning repair and resto skills but they all end up being a bunch of stupid manufactured drama or some guy who always wanted to be the class clown.

Every return from commercial is a recap of what we just watched three minutes ago.”

9. Bring on the winter!

“The summer.


Usually smoky or straight up ablaze if you’re in the west

I haven’t been able to breathe through my nose in months

Constant f**king fireworks

Too much daylight.”

10. Exhausting.

“Social activities.

If it wasn’t for my wife, I’d probably talk to one person a week face to face, if even that. I can infinitely entertain myself with video games, movies/shows, and working on my Jeep. My wife is the extrovert and Covid sent her into a depression because we couldn’t see people.

Now that most things are normal, our social schedule has been packed. 3 weddings in a row this month, a few dinner dates with friends per week, and then just seeing family. Last weekend was the first wedding and after a rehearsal, the ceremony, and then a bridal party brunch the weekend after I was peopled out. It’s exhausting.”

11. You’re crazy!

“The beach.

It’s too hot, there’s no shade, there’s bugs in the sand, waves are too big to actually swim in the ocean, garbage and jellyfish in the water, all your s**t gets covered in sand, nothing really to do but sit there.

I don’t see the appeal at all.”

12. No, thanks!

“Reality TV.

There’s nothing real about it. It’s all scripted and unnecessary drama.

Life’s dramatic enough.”

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