14 People Share The Things They Suspect Everyone Else Is Lying About

There are some things that are just human nature. Sure, all of our experiences are different, but in some ways, we’re all the same.

At least, we’re pretty sure about that.

These 14 people are also pretty sure we’re all lying about some of the same stuff, and here are the things they suspect no one is willing to own up to in public.

14. There’s no good excuse, anyway.

Why they’re late.

I’m not late often but when I am it’s usually because of something ridiculous where if I said the truth it would sound like a lie.

13. I plead the 5th.

There are 2 kinds of people in this world, those who pick their nose


12. Report your failure.

It’s funny, having been trained and worked in the sciences. Reporting failure is standard. Lying about failures will get the crap kicked out of you.
You learn to smell an answer is “too perfect” data that is “too smooth”. And you release the hounds.

All my co-workers have kids. Just give them the real stupid story about why you are late and move on. “Headache, didn’t want to get out of bed” is common, and I believe them.

11. It’s impossible.

Fully understanding the plot of the Metal Gear Solid series.

In 4, Kojima gives you very clear instructions on how to fry an egg just to rub it in your face that he could explain it if he wanted to.

10. It’s really not that bad.

Hating the word “moist”

I love the word moist and I won’t apologise.

9. Ummm clean sheets are so nice, though.

How often they clean their bed sheets.

It’s why I try to tell people with my user name :/ nobody listens.

8. It’s none of your business.

Amount of ex partners.

One of those strange things where half of the people are lying and making the number higher, and the other half are lying and making it lower.

7. What is that all about?

About their productivity levels. If you’re not busy, you’re not a good person /s

This irks me to no end. I think people who have this mindset project on others and call you unproductive or lazy when they’re the ones unhappy with their inability to find a balance in life.

6. That’s a terrible contest anyway.

How little sleep they get. I feel like people compete to act like they get 30 minutes of sleep a week when that’s not the case.

It’s like bragging about how miserable you are. I sleep whenever I possibly can, I love sleeping. I do have trouble sleeping sometimes and I will let people know I didn’t get enough sleep because that makes me very irritable, definitely not acting like I should get an award for not sleeping.

5. We should all tell the truth.

Their income. So many lies.

I work for the government so you can look my salary up online. Many people have told me they have looked it up. I sorta feel weird about other people in my life looking it up but really, I like the transparency.

4. We need the downtime.

When people say goodnight they don’t sleep until much later.

I have a routine I need to do to unwind before going to sleep, and chatting to people isn’t part of it.

3. Definitely not a thing.

‘You can become a millionaire like me! Get my 5 step program and I’ll have you pulling in 20,000 or more a day.’

2. We all know the truth.

Sexual prowess, especially younger men.

Especially if they use the word “prowess”.

For anything.

1. A sad truth.

The stability of their relationships. You’ll notice the people with the shittiest relationships will always be posting pictures and lovey shit on social media.

Where as those with good relationships are too busy living their best life with their partner and too busy to really post anything.

I definitely think they’re onto something here. For reasons.

What else would you say belongs on this list? We want to hear your additions in the comments!