She Got Mad at Her Sister for Announcing Her Pregnancy at Her Engagement Party. Is She Wrong?

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AITA for getting mad at my stepsister for revealing her pregnancy during my engagement party even though she “didn’t mean to”?

“I have a stepsister “Taylor” who is 2 years older than me. We were 12 and 14 when our parents married, and Taylor h**ed my mom and I from day 1.

She can be a mean girl, and she definitely thinks she is better than everyone. She was also jealous and possessive of her dad. I wasn’t thrilled about the new blended family, but I wanted my mom to be happy. Taylor was nothing but rude to my mom.

Growing up I always felt like I was in her shadow. I recently got engaged and my mom and stepdad threw me a beautiful engagement party. Taylor was there with her husband, and a couple people were making jokes about how she will probably try to wear white to the wedding.

My stepdad made a joke about how he doesn’t care if she is his daughter, he is going to pay multiple people to be there with red paint water balloons, because Taylor doesnt get to get away with her s**t at the wedding.

Suddenly Taylor began crying which is so out of character that everyone was shocked. She said she was just pi**ed at her dad for picking me over her, but her husband was trying so hard not to smile. Taylor told us all to shut up and not look at her because she can’t help it.

My stepdad was trying to explain that she needs to learn a lesson, but he still loves her. Taylor finally blurted out that it isn’t that serious, but she is pregnant and she just has been crying about everything.

I was in shock that she would say that. Her grandmother heard and made a big deal of it to everyone, so by the end of the night, everyone had congratulated her. My mom was telling my stepdad how awful Taylor was for doing that and he said she didn’t mean to.

I replied that no one interrogated her, so she is still accountable for her actions. Taylor’s husband was a bit tipsy at this point (doing celebratory shots like this party was to celebrate his baby) and called us a**holes and jealous.

I said that she has no manners because deep down she is an insecure little girl. Her husband was pi**ed. My mom told my stepdad that we don’t want her at any more of my events and he got upset and felt we were too hard on her. Now people are calling me jealous and a bridezilla.”

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