Person Asks if They’re Wrong for Saying Their Sister-In-Law Faked a Pregnancy

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AITA for telling my brother that his wife was “faking a pregnancy”?

“My brother and I have never been close, so my SIL haven’t been either. However one day after coming to a luncheon with our family she announced she was pregnant.

At first everyone I including me was excited about having a new niece or nephew. However as she supposedly went onto the pregnancy “5-6 months” she wasn’t growing, was drinking al**hol, never had any ultrasounds even though had “hospital appointment my brother was never allowed to go to” was still bending heaving things for her job ( when asked if her job knew she was pregnant she said she never told them) among other things.

One day I was annoyed at her behavior and asked if “Anthony” (brother) asked if he ever saw a pregnancy test. He said he didn’t. I said to him I doubt she pregnant and should confirm she is because she is pregnant. 3 weeks later I found out that Anthony finds out she’s not really pregnant after forcing her to allow him to go to a hospital for a checkup” (she did go to a checkup but no for pregnancy related issues).

She’s saying that I shouldn’t have interfered into business I had anything to do with and now he’s demanding a divorce. I said she shouldn’t have faked a pregnancy. She said she had a miscarriage that the hospital later said to Anthony said she was never pregnant.


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