12 People Share What They Think Are the Snobbiest Professions

I could offer my answer to the question about what I think is the snobbiest profession but I’m gonna bite my tongue because I have people close to me in that line of work and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings…

But today we’re gonna hear from folks about what THEY think about this.

Check out what they had to say!

1. LOL.

“My university has a couple of locations frequently used for film shoots, and the employees who rent the space out think they’re Hollywood elite.

Weirdest snobbery I ever encountered.”

2. Wow.

“Clerks of city municipal courts. They think they’re royalty.

Clerks of the U.S. Supreme Court are the nicest to deal with.”

3. Come on, people.

“I work retail at a higher-end department store. The people that work there… Jesus Christ, like, bro, you are not working in Haute Couture, you are working at a mall in a suburb.

You are not special and your attitude is neither welcome nor appropriate.”

4. Weird.

“Plastic surgery office staff.

I brought in a 9K cashiers check for a procedure and the receptionist acted like I handed her food stamps.”

5. Entitled.

“The managers at stores like Tiffany and Co or any other high end stores.

You would think these b**ches are just as rich as the a**holes who shop there.

They certainly act as rude and entitled.”

6. Not for normal people.

“Art gallery owners. Normal people don’t get into that kind of business.

It’s a self-selecting group of artistic types and the people prepared to play the game to make money off artistic types.

I don’t want to say they’re all crazy or weirdos, but the all have big personalities in one way or another.”

7. Brown nosing.

“Low upper management.

Lots of brown-nosers who forget that the folks working under them are actually human.

They look down at their employees while sniveling to their superiors”

8. So gross.


Can you comp my meal because I’m posting this on my social media?

I know you didn’t ask me to and I need to post regularly to stay popular, but your small business should take a loss because my parents never told me to get a real job.”

9. Classy!

“All wine reps I’ve ever met had the red face and wild eyes of a high-functioning al**holic, a loud voice and an extremely snobbish behavior.”

10. Like Cobra Kai?

“Certainly not all of them, but I know some real snobby, gatekeeping, scammy, overconfident martial arts instructors.”

11. True.

“Critics in general.

I welcome the snobbery when it comes to incredibly entertaining bad reviews, though.”

12. Stuck up.

“The “fashion advisors” at the high end clothing stores/department stores.

They were the snootiest, snobbiest, stuck uppiest, women I’ve ever seen/met!!!

Hell, the guys were just as bad!”

Do you think certain professions are snobby?

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