He Kicked His Mom Out After She Called His Wife Trashy. Was He Wrong?

Those are fightin’ words!

A word to the wise: if you call someone’s spouse “trashy”, you can expect there to be some problems…

And this guy is asking readers if he stepped over the line after his wife called his wife that offensive term.

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AITA for kicking my mom out of my house after she called my wife trashy?

“My mom came over recently to meet our 6 month old son. My wife asked my mom to help her out by putting our son’s laundry in.

Now we come from very different families, and I know she offended my mom. In my mom’s world you don’t ever ask a guest to do something like that. In my wife’s family they are very close, a bit suffocating at times to be honest, and everyone pitches in. For example if we stay with my wife’s family we are given chores. If we stay with my mom we are waited on like guests. I could tell from my mom’s face she was furious but she said ok.

Her boyfriend went in the laundry room with her and was like “what the f**k why would she ask you to do that, why are you doing it?” My mom said she just doesn’t want to fight with me anymore. Her boyfriend was like “ok but to be clear if my mom came over would you ever ask her to do work?” My mom said “no, I’m not trashy”

I saw red and immidiatley stepped into the room. I said how dare she call my wife names in our own home. My mom tossed the things at me and said good, I can wash them as it isn’t her house and she did not chose to bring our son into the world. I said she crossed a line by calling my wife names in our own home.

I told her to get the f**k out and she isn’t half the woman my wife is. My mom told me we are both trashy and she is done with us. My grandparents were furious when they heard and chewed me out for being entitled.”

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One person said he’s NTA and you shouldn’t visit a house with a newborn if you’re not willing to help out.

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And this individual said he’s NTA and his mom would be better off just leaving.

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