15 Things All Human Beings Know About – But Don’t Like To Discuss

Even though it definitely doesn’t feel like it some days, the truth is that human beings are far more alike than we are different.

We have similar experiences, both physical and emotional, and also, there are some things that absolutely none of us want to talk about.

These 15 people are talking about it, though, so strap in and get ready to get uncomfortable!

15. We try not to think too hard about it.

Questioning what the point of our life is i.e. meaninglessness, this can be very daunting and hard to talk about if we feel others in our lives have it all figured out.

14. It’s definitely not the best.

What it feels like to watch your parents grow old and decline, and eventually die.

Not only from a standpoint of them being such a foundation of one’s life for his or her entire life, but how the loss of a parent(s) makes us come face-to-face with our own mortality.

13. They’re definitely out there.

picking your nose

There is a lot of car picking if you look around

12. It’s just so disappointing.

When you flush but it doesn’t flush all the poo, so you have to flush again..

11. How can we possibly stop?

Catastrophizing. It’s incredibly common and most people don’t even realize how harmful the added unchecked stress can be.

10. Not everyone…right?


The fact that nobody responded to this makes it the winner, I think.

9. A moment of pure panic.

When the toilet water hits your butt…

8. You feel unclean.

When your finger breaks through the toilet paper when wiping and you get s*%t on it.

Then you spend the whole day feeling like your finger is radioactive despite scrubbing it madly with soap for ten minutes immediately after it happened.

7. Someone is quite excited about it.

The ear clicks! Do it right now, open your mouth and yawn a bit and you should hear your inner ear tubes opening.

If you are able to do it at will without opening your mouth to yawn it helps when flying so much!

6. We all hope nothing is wrong.

Getting lightheaded from standing up too quickly.

This has been happening to me increasingly often.. sometimes my vision gets weird and I fall over a bit, I think something’s wrong.

5. Way deep down.

Disappointments that we chalk up to bad luck or the unfairness of the world but, deep down, we know we did it to ourselves.

4. Unseemly, for sure.

Sores, razor cuts, pimples/boils or ingrown hairs in your groin/underwear area.

I kept one of the longest ingrown pubic hairs I’ve ever had. It was the most painful, unpoppable pimple for months. One day I saw a black point and went in with a needle, and pulled out a hair that was as long as half my index finger.

3. So many people are faking it.

It’s very rare to find a married couple who are open and honest about how hard it is to keep a marriage together over the long term. It’s a lot of work, making compromises and often losing to keep the peace.

It’s so much easier to fake it on Facebook and pretend like everything’s hunky dory. Maybe that’s why a lot of couples give up too easily. They don’t realize how many people are going thru the exact same challenges as them.

2. They just keep coming back.

Women of a certain age getting wiry-ass rogue chin hairs with the lasting spirit of Genghis Khan.

1. None of us are getting enough sleep.

Sleeping poorly and still having to work/present/operate/drive. No one is at peak performance on 4 hours sleep but it happens and we push through. It is not normalized to take off for poor sleep as it is for being ill.

I think this is especially true for the insomniacs and parents of the world

Sometimes it’s nice to find out for sure that you’re not alone, right?

What else would you put on this list? Let us know in the comments!