12 People Share What They Think Everyone Should Experience in Life

Do you want to know what I think everyone should experience in their life?

A solo road trip!

Just you, your thoughts, and the open highway.

I love it!

But that’s just me…what do you think everyone should experience?

AskReddit users opened up and shared their thoughts.

1. Part of the process.

“Failure, and I don’t mean this in a bad way.

But I feel like most, if not all the progress/growth I’ve made so far in life has been as a direct result of failure.”

2. LOVE.


And here I don’t mean romantic love, but just love.

Be it from a pet, a brother, friend or even a partner.”

3. Awe-inspiring.

“Seeing the stars far away from any ambient light.

Where you can see the Milky Way and a steady stream of shooting stars.

It’s awe inspiring, and changes your perspective about your place in the universe.”

4. All by yourself.

“Eating out alone, going to a concert alone, just experiencing doing things by yourself.

Especially while young, learning to be comfortable with yourself as your only company while enjoying beautiful things in life is so freeing.”

5. It’s good for you!

“Being the “dumb one”.

For some people, they’re never really challenged academically/intellectually and I think that’s a shame. Being the dumbest person in a group of smart people means you have the opportunity to learn from them. It’s also very humbling (in a good way).

A lot of people don’t experience this until college, or in grad school, or in their professional environment… and then they’re totally wrecked by it. But it’s also such an important experience. Being a “big fish in a small pond” can be beneficial, but don’t avoid challenges either… I truly think you learn more being a small fish in a big pond.

I heard a quote once, “if you’re the smartest person in the room, find another room” and I completely agree with it.”

6. Absolutely.

“Working in customer service field.

It forces you to practice empathy while trying to convince your customer why they still need your service or product. “

7. Under the sea.

“I recently went scuba diving and got certified. There’s nothing like being submerged in a completely different world.

The feeling of weightlessness, different colors, different creatures that you normally only see from behind a pane of glass.

It’s wild.”

8. Freedom.

“Not having to live paycheck to paycheck, worrying about the next meal, or basic care and needs for themselves or children.

Not having to work 3 jobs to provide and never having the time or energy to spend time and raise.”


“Piloting your own comeback.

Climbing out of the hole of life and getting yourself back on the path.”

10. On the road.

“A long road trip with friends.

It’s a bonding experience being in a little metal box with a group of friends for hours at a time trying to get somewhere together.

You’ll drive each other crazy, you’ll make each other laugh, it’s truly a wonderful experience that I think everyone should have.”

11. Something 

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.

-Jim Carrey”

12. All of this stuff.

“Falling in love. Heartbreak. Starting a business. Getting married. Having children. Getting a divorce. Living alone.

Getting high. Climbing a mountain peak. Learning a second language. Living abroad. Creating something—art, a novel, a building, a legacy that outlasts yourself.”

What do you think everyone should experience in their lives?

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