15 Truckers Recall Some Wild Encounters On The Road

I think that there are a few professions in the world where people get access to people’s personal lives, but as a trucker, it’s all kind of accidental. You’re up there, driving above everyone and minding your own business, but you can’t help look around see what you see.

These 15 truckers have gotten glimpses into the front and back seats of a few cars in their day, and as you’ll see, it takes quite a bit to surprise them nowadays.

15. That could get messy.

Saw someone eating spaghetti on the 495 around Boston.


And of course so many people on cell phones and making horrible driving decisions.

14. An octopus man.

Years ago I worked with a fella who could…

Smoke a cig
drink a coffee
eat a McMuffin
talk on the cell phone
drive a manual transmission
…all at the same fucking time.

Six hours of air turbulence is nothing compared to a 20 minute ride with that octopus.

13. They took a poll.

Not a trucker but I used to ride the bus. One morning I saw a lady eating a bowl of cereal while driving her car. Milk and everything. At one point she had it rested on the steering wheel while in motion.

Most of the people on the bus saw her as well as me. The consensus was that she was a moron.

12. Playing with fire.

Stuck in traffic at the old Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Glance down at the car beside me, see a woman with her shirt hiked up and her sweatpants pulled down as she changed out her colostomy bag.

Laughing at chatting with her driver the whole time. I’ve peed in my share of bottles, so I empathized with her.

11. Y’all really need to put your phones away.

I’ve seen people turn their phone sideways to watch both YouTube and TikTok videos while driving. Gotta be the scariest I’ve encountered. They weave all OVER the road while doing it!

Several years ago I saw a man with a newspaper full-spread across his dash and steering wheel reading it. I’ve also seen women putting on makeup while driving (looking into the vanity mirror).

I’ve only seen a live sex scene once. Girl giving head to a guy that was driving.

10. That’s one trusting driver.

I saw a lion in a car. Real one.

9. Ah, the 90s.

I saw a guy at a stop light licking the vagina of a centerfold he was holding in front of his face.

About 1990.

8. Definitely going to need a detail.

Lady giving birth…so much blood.

Oy. Could use a carpet shampooing after that.

Btw, hydrogen peroxide is the weapon of choice for blood stains

7. Just say no.

I saw a guy driving with his knees because his hands were occupied with an ipad. Playing a driving game.

6. You gotta pump when you gotta pump.

Breast pumping on two occasions and a guy getting a bl**job

5. How are these people still alive?

I drive coaches in the UK and the amount of lorries I overtake where the driver has his feet up on the dash, is watching Netflix on his laptop, looking at their phone and paying no attention to the road is insane.

I tend to work lates and I’ve overtaken a few where the driver has been quite obviously falling asleep a bit too.

4. Shenanigans for sure.

Love this story so ill put it here.

First time into Los Angeles from Utah and Nevada from i15 going south and got stuck in what i call Sunday evening traffic.

Youve got tons of folks going home from thr casinos before Monday and…. Too many cars and not enough road and you get traffic jams.

Anyway so im rolling slowly and see a car next to me. An oldee ford explorer. There’s some guys in it and i dont pay much attention until the passenger up front sees me. He looks twice. Gets his friends attention and theres four oe five college aged dudes in this car.

They give the arm pump so i blow the air horn, they all celebrate, we move on.

Or so i thought.

They get in front of my truck and slow down. Im watching them immediately thinking that some shenanigans are going to happen when one od the guys amidst some jostling, dives into the very back seat/trunk area.

They slow down, the diving guy gets up and drops his pants and underwear and proceeds to do a helecopter.

Im actually stunned. Ive had women flash me so far, but nothing like this.

So i did all i could think of and gave them a thumbs up.

They cheered. We continued on. They got lost in traffic. So if youre on here, thanks for that memory.

3. Something to ponder.

I once saw a someone in front of me throw a dildo out of the window. Not sure exactly why, but it’s something I ponder from time to time.

2. No one wants to see that!

I saw a guy playing with his flaccid penis out the bottom of his shorts one day sitting in traffic.

So I honked my air horn and he put it away haha

1. He wasn’t looking forward to going home.

Late to the thread, and something I said the last time this title came up:

In a 26′ straight truck in stop-n-go traffic in Maryland (I think?) in 2008:

Saw a middle-aged guy in a Toyota Corolla in typical office attire put down about 10 Milwaukee Ices in about 10 minutes. He must have been just opening his throat and pouring them into his stomach, because it seemed like he didn’t even swallow.

I can only imagine what kind of domestic hell he was heading home to.

Y’all, I have no idea what’s wrong with people, do you?

If you’re a trucker, what have you seen? If it’s something that stands out among this bunch of stories, tell us about it in the comments!