16 People Relay The Most Disturbing Thing The Popular Kid Did

In almost every high school in America, there are popular kids. But also, there are popular kids and then there are popular kids – the ones who use their baseless power and privilege to make the lives of everyone else completely miserable.

If you weren’t that popular kid there’s a good chance you remember who was – and there’s an even better chance you remember the worst thing you witnessed them do.

These 16 people haven’t forgotten, and they’re sharing those old terrible memories below.

16. They took each other out.

Shot another popular kid in the face over a girl… currently serving life

15. I have no idea why anyone would do this.

Freshman year in high school the jocks pooped in their hands and smeared it all over bathroom walls of the place we were staying, on a school trip.

As well as a lot of other weird s*%t.

14. She sounds like a psycho.

Pinned a girl down, with help of her mates, and forcibly shaved her eyebrows off in the middle of lunch.

Teachers went ballistic, obviously but the poor girl got sent to school as normal by her mum the following day…

Thankfully one of the girls that’s great with make up did her brows for her everyday till they grew in.

The final straw was stealing a f**king huge knife from food tech. It was never locked as the school was old af, and the doors were shitty. She had a fight planned after school with the new girl, she has issues with prior to her starting.

Thankfully, the police were quietly called after most of my year group told the office asap. She was marched out of class, soon after.

13. I guess we all have our issues.

He wasn’t popular, but he seemed the most mature out of the entire school.

Anyway he masturbated to a bunch of school supplies when we were doing a group project. So.

12. There’s something not right there.

Oh man, I’m just now being reminded of how this one very popular, good looking kid used to jack off in class. He would wear very baggy sweat pants and use tissue that he threw away in the classroom. Everyone knew he was doing it and I’m sure he knew that we all knew.

Come to think of it, why the heck didn’t I think this was more weird when I was a kid?? I mostly just remember thinking “there goes Cohen, throwing away his jizz rags again…”

11. Welp, there’s a winner.

Got his cousin pregnant.

10. That does not seem wise.

One kid showed us that he could pee in a desk. His own desk.

9. Well that’s definitely weird.

One of the really popular football players in my senior year of high school got caught masturbating with an orange in the locker room right before a game.

He’d cut a hole in the orange and was just going to town on it in one of the changing cubicles.

8. How does one figure that out?

Shoved crayons in his butt and farted them out.

7. Legal action was taken.

Varsity football team made the freshmen shove carrots up their asses in the locker room as hazing.

One of the freshman was kinda fat so they looked at him and said “you get 2”.

There were subsequent lawsuits.

6. She could have died.

Rubbed a peanut butter sandwich in the face of a girl that was allergic.

Oh and threw a pen at someone’s face and they ended up in the eye infirmary.

5. Why are girls the worst?

There was a girl who was really popular who got her friends to bully this other girl with her.

The kicker is the girl who was being bullied was a grade or two younger than the popular bullies, and the bullied girls dad had shot and murdered her pregnant mother in the middle of town, and then went and killed himself, barely months prior to them bullying her.

It was horrific and all over the news. And the girls bullied her on Twitter. Pretty sure the girl who was bullied left the state.

4. One month? Are you kidding?

A football player at my school bullied everyone.

One kid tried to fight back but the bully beat him almost to death. That kid is now in a wheelchair and needs 24/7 care. He has severe brain damage and is unable to take care of himself. He lives in a nursing home. Has been there now almost 20 years.

The kid that beat him got 1 month in juve and now is the fire captain for a big metropolitan area.

3. Really, really messed up.

We had a classmate who had been physically abused and locked in a closet as a child.

The popular girl locked her in the bathroom in 8th grade knowing it would make her have a panic attack.

2. Some things never change.

Myself and two others were outcasts, pretty big into metal, including Marilyn Manson. Columbine happened and a couple of the popular girls said we were next to shoot up the school.

We were brought out of class, searched without a representative or parent, and immediately suspended from school for absolutely no reason whatsoever except that we listened to Marilyn Manson.

1. I hope she spent at least a week in jail.

she took a video of an autistic girl changing in the locker room, and proceeded to upload it to Snapchat and body shame the girl.

Went on vacation after the court case.

Y’all kids are so awful. I know most of them grow out of it but sheesh. I would feel like a terrible person for the rest of my life if I had done any of these.

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