12 People Share What They Think Is Theoretically Possible but Practically Impossible

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1. Agree to disagree.

“Everyone agreeing.

Or everyone disagreeing. This works both ways.

There will always be people that will go against the general flow, if there is one.”

2. Watch those bananas.

“Banana overdose.

If your kidneys are not healthy then the potassium will increase your heart rate.

Potassium is something nephrologists keep track of it in patients on dialysis.

Too much potassium heart attack, low potassium heart failure.”

3. Not too popular.

“Speaking truth your entire life without a single lie.

You’d likely be extremely unpopular.

Even painfully honest people tell little lies to smooth over social interactions.”

4. You never know…

“Walking out your front door in the morning, looking up at the sky and yawning, at the exact moment a massive meteor that had been flying through the atmosphere has been reduced to a tiny ball of ice the exact size of your throat.

It lodges perfectly into your throat, nothin but net.

You choke and d**, the ice ball melts.

Your cause of de**h is ruled inconclusive.

5. Good luck.

“Playing perfect chess.

The best computer programs are much better than humans and approach perfection, but still lose some positions that could have been drawn, or draw some positions that could have been won (when playing against other computer programs).”

6. Could happen…

“Getting the same deck of cards twice.

As it turns out, 52 factorial (52 * 51 * 50 * …) is a really large number.”

7. Sad.

“World peace.

Not even the existential threat to the human race can bring world peace. You just know that if some aliens show up and are all like “Resistance is futile,” there’s gonna be some crazy President or warlord or someone who decides they’re on team alien.

But on a more likely note, climate change is endangering large masses of the Earth and lots of people are just like “nope, it’s not real.””

8. Someday…

“Putting your hand through a solid object.

Someone’s going to do it one day and it’s gonna suck for them big time.”

9. What do you think?

“Theoretical white holes

White holes are theoretical cosmic regions that function in the opposite way to black holes.

Just as nothing can escape a black hole, nothing can enter a white hole.”

10. Interesting…

“Theoretically, a high-powered telescope could be sent 66 million lightyears from earth, and turned to observe earth, allowing it to see and record the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Practically we can’t make this happen, as the speed of travel required wouldn’t allow it to happen in even millions of human lifetimes. It’s certainly possible, but not practical.

In case you didn’t gather this from the above, a fun fact I enjoy is 66 million million lightyears from here, at this very second, the light from that asteroid impact can be seen by anything able to see it from their vantage point in space.”

11. Sounds impossible.

“Full time job, cook most of your meals at home, keep s clean house, work out for 30 min a day, have a social life, sleep 8 hours a night, save money and enjoy life.”

12. Keep your fingers crossed.

“Buying a winning lottery ticket, having s** with your favorite celebrity, and being struck by lightning on the same day.”

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