12 People Share What They Think Is Unnecessarily Expensive

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the news, we’re living in a time of inflation so pretty much everything seems like it’s expensive right now.

And it really hits you in the wallet, doesn’t it?!?!

Hopefully, we can get back on track sooner than later…we’ll see.

Until then, let’s check out what AskReddit users think is unnecessarily expensive.

1. Whoa!

“Emergency medi-flight.

I understand the cost of fuel, wear and tear on the helicopter, as well as the pilot and medical staff.

But $5,000 a mile? My ambulance ride to the heliport and ensuing helicopter ride ended up about $250,000.”

2. Shady.

“Towing fees.

Why the f**k are those so expensive? What’s the breakdown? I live in a small city where a regular towing fee can be over $500+.

Then, I go to bigger cities and hear towing fees can get up to $1000+.

How is this even legal for such a minor offense like parking in the wrong spot or parking somewhere too long.

Not saying you shouldn’t be towed if you’re committing that offense, however, bankrupting people just to get THEIR personal property back seems so illegal to me and just downright unethical.”

3. Sad!

“Train rides in America.

Gonna cost me nearly twice as much to take a train across the country and way longer than a flight?!

I love trains but they are just not practicable in most of America (some exceptions around DC area and east coast).

That is what limited investment looks like.”

4. It’s true.

“Being poor, the charges for being late on this, or slipping up on that, going negative in your account.

Those little things are designed to help keep the poor poorer and the rich richer.

Some things that are illegal are really just a ticket inconvenience to a wealthy person with connections, or a crooked government worker!”

5. USA!

“As an American, the answer is medical care.

It doesn’t cost the facility anywhere near $1,000 to give me an x-ray, but that is what they charge.”

6. The boat life.

“Anything to do with boats. I’m one of the relatively few non-wealthy people who I involved in the sport of sailing and the markups are absurd.

Take gloves for example. You can get a 6-pack of gardening gloves for $12.

But if you want garden-style “sailing gloves” (literally the same thing) it’ll cost you $15 for one pair, and other styles are even more expensive.

Needless to say I just use gardening gloves.”

7. Huge markup.

“Eyeglass frames.

They are all made by the same company from the same materials, even the designer ones.

It’s all luxottica, all the way down.

Glasses cost about $20 total to make but they sell them to you for $200. Markup is often 1000%.”

8. That’s criminal.

“Supplies for the blind.

Grandmother is legally blind. I was looking at supplies that would help with reading.

Minimum 500 bucks.”

9. Sketchy.

“Any kind of education textbook.

And schools often require that you buy a new version every year, even though they often contain only minor changes.

If I could, I’d invest in textbook companies, but it’s interesting that they’re pretty much all privately owned.”

10. What?!?!

“Trash cans!!

Simple human brand trash cans are so popular and they’re literally $80 for a plastic can with a step open!”

11. It is pricey…


Up charge for food, add a delivery fee, and add a tip, why would I pay $50 for two Chipotle burritos?

Because I’m a lazy POS…”

12. Right on the money.


In the US you can only get unhealthy food cheap.

I moved to Germany and food is really inexpensive, even organic.

Just one of many factors why Americans have an increasing obesity rate.”

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