12 People Tell Stories About When They Witnessed Pure Evil

Have you ever seen something truly evil happen?

I’m talking about something that made your skin crawl and made you question whether the human race is redeemable on any level?

Yeah, it’s not fun, is it?

So when did you witness pure evil?

Here’s how people responded on AskReddit.

1. Prison.

“Women’s prison.

A young girl (20 something) walked into the cafeteria. Immediately the hair on my neck stood up. Turns out she k**led her 3 yo Down’s son, put him in a car seat and then into the trunk.

She proceeded to drive around with him back there while she partied and continued collecting his checks. Eventually her 8 yo daughter gave up her mom’s “secret”.”

2. Thanks, Mom.

“My mom dated a psychopath when I and my siblings were little.

My baby brother was still crawling, and when he wouldn’t stop crying Denny put him on the roof of our duplex, accessible by a window. Where my brother then proceeded to fall off.

He was ok, some how zero physical injury.

My dog and cat didn’t get out so easy.

In the end he tried to k**l us all by sabotaging the furnace to fill the house with fumes.

And get this, the entire time my idiot mother explaining it all away, claiming the house was haunted. I didn’t realize all the awful things that happened in that house were the results of a psychopath until adulthood.

Being absolutely certain that ghosts k**led your animals, put your little brother on the roof and tried to k**l us all in our sleep…. does a number to a kid.

I had night terrors from then well into my 20s.

Anyway, this is another “thanks mom” story.”

3. Proud of it.

“I want to preface this with the warning that this is obviously a huge, huge outlier and that’s exactly why it’s so horrible.

But I was once at a concert (pre-COVID) where obviously people just sorta push their way to the front. This girl and her group get near the front but there’s a couple in front of them.

The girl tries to push her way in front of them but they’re literally leaning on the crowd divider between the crowd and the stage so there’s really no way to squeeze in front of them. So the girl starts screaming at the guy to give her some space or she’ll make him.

The guy’s partner tries to calm things down and squeeze the two of them together a bit, but clearly not enough to create a whole extra space for this girl and her group.

So the girl starts screaming bloody m**der calling for the security guards that are patrolling behind the crowd divider and the stage, telling them that the guy tried to stick his hands up her skirt. The couple called bulls**t. A couple of us standing nearby called bulls**t. But the security guards still kicked the guy (and his partner) out.

And the speed with which the girl went from crying to giddily taking their spot, not just okay but clearly proud of what she’d done.


4. Jesus…

“I was a s** worker in NYC.

He wanted me to to**ure babies with him, said he was sick of having to go to China to do it. He really wanted to t**ture them, not just m**est them. I was really scared but he didn’t hurt me. I obviously couldn’t continue the appt, I got him to leave after he turned on cartoons and made a bizarre phone call.

After he left I called the cops on him. It didn’t matter that I was a p**stitute, it wasn’t like I was going to get in trouble for it. It was hard for me to get the right precinct and the cops wouldn’t listen to me.

They thought I was trying to report a crime happening to me. I finally just blurted out the details of what he wanted to do and they took me really seriously and transferred me one last time and someone took the report.

All I had was his phone number and description to give them but they seemed serious about it. I offered to set him up for them but they said that wouldn’t be necessary and they would handle it from here. It was the worst encounter of my life and I will never forget it no matter how much I would like to.”

5. Inhuman.

“I went to high school with a girl who married a 37-year old during her senior year, and was 8 months pregnant at graduation.

She later made the news when she was tried and sentenced for holding down her infant granddaughter while her husband inflicted further a**se. The judge said she was the most inhuman defendant he’d ever had in the courtroom.

This is only exceeded by the time I spent working in a residential facility for developmentally disabled convicted s** offenders. The lawmakers who determined that child m**esters must be housed in close proximity to families, playgrounds, and schools need to take a look at the therapist notes from these facilities.”

6. Never want to see him again.

“My oldest brother, he treated my mother like pure s**t.

My mother honestly is was one of the most devoted people on the planet. To the point that it’s frustrating. I can’t really explain ALL the things she sacrificed for me and my brother but the list is bloody long. Really long.

For 10 years my oldest brother treated her like a second class citizen. Even after she survived breast cancer, he (a few months after she finished her chemo) criticised her when she was resting on the couch one evening and said ‘you’re using breast cancer as an excuse to not do house work’…this was from a person who never washed up, did his own washing or even vacuumed.

Outside the house however, he’s be the nicest person to anyone that wasn’t his family. He a**aulted my brother over a laundry dispute (literally) he did s**t to me I don’t even want to mention on this sub. It took 10 years of this kind of torment before my mother finally kicked him out.

He started building bridges again a year or so after and things seemed ok, and even offered him a job in her home and wanted to pay his normal rate and not ‘mates rates’…and he did complete the job, but then he doubled the bill without telling her, insisted she wasted her life with the career she chose (which she picked to give birth to him and my other brother) and he also sabotaged her house phone just because he thought it was funny

He’s an evil piece of s**t and I never want to see him ever again.”

7. My friend.

“April was my friend.

Her babysitter, Bill, k**led her and was a serial k**ler.

When she was reported missing he was who came to our trailer asking after her, and the cops cleared him right away and then he walked with me, my father, and the Riverside County Sheriff.”

8. Sick.

“Didn’t see it happen, but when I was young, maybe 7 or so in the 1960s, I walked past a burned out house 3 doors down from mine.

I learned a black family had the “nerve” to move in, so they were “burned out.”

Even at such a young age I knew that was sick.”

9. Hard time.

“In 2012 I was in prison. I was in at 18 for auto theft.

Just a dumb homeless kid who needed money. I was in an open dorm type prison block. my bunk was next to the bathroom. This man had recently been rumored to have ripped off a gang on a drug deal. One day I was chilling on my bunk and seen this man being carried into the bathroom by 4 men.

He was kicking and screaming no, please no! After they got him in the bathroom one of the men went to the corner next to the bathroom where the brooms were. He grabbed a broom and after bringing it into the bathroom. I witnessed them shoving the broom stick up the mans rear end. The agony in this mans eyes, and voice. After the goon squad came through and cleared the situation, I never seen him again.

I also witnessed a man be beaten to d**th with padlocks in tube socks. I dont know why they did it. But I kept walking. Do not associate with gangs my friends.”

10. Wow.

“I saw an adult woman try to drown her daughter.

The mom and her two sons kept dunking her and holding her under saying “drown b**ch drown.” They took off her top and threw it so she couldn’t get out of the water. She was crying, probably about 14 years old. I was around 10.

I walked by the family later and she wouldn’t talk to them and I heard one brother say “you’re still mad, you need to get over it.” I think about it all the time, what kind of s**t did this poor girl have to deal with on a regular basis, what could she have done to trigger all of that?

This was the mid 90s, I still think about her. I hope she is alive, well and away from her terrible family.”

11. Awful.

“The James Bulger m**der in Britain.

There was an article about it in a lady’s magazine my mom had. The magazine was in the bathroom and I read it as a kid while on the toilet. I remember it clearly because it was the first time it occurred to me that sometimes people did bad things because they wanted to, not just because they thought they needed to.

Recently both of the perpetrators who were juveniles at the time have been released from prison with new identities. This story is HORRIFIC and I honestly would not read it if you are a mother of a small child.”

12. Mother.

“My mother.

She feeds off misery.

She used to tell me that my brother stole my teddy bear, and told my bro that I stole his. We’d fall asleep crying and screaming at each other.

When in reality, she stole them both.

She just liked watching us cry.”

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