12 People Share What They Think Is Weird That Other Folks Think Is Normal

To each their own, but lately, I’ve had a hard time understanding popular music.

Not that I’m listening to it intently, but if I happen to hear what’s new and “hot”, it kind of blows my mind…because I usually think it sucks.

And here are some more people who think things are weird that most people find normal.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

1. Gross.


They do everything just like a stalker, yet they’re not incarcerated for it and paid to do the things they do.”

2. Odd…

“Keeping fish as pets.

With other pets you can cuddle, pet, and play with them, but fish just sit there in their tanks and some people use them more as like a living decoration.”

3. Magical!


I remember when I was a child and first started writing I found it so fascinating how you can transform your thoughts into something palpable.”

4. Seems to be an American thing.

“As someone from an Asian cultural background, how American kids can get financially cut off from their families at 18.

Like, they’re still a family and on good terms, but my friends have said stuff like “my mom owes me 300$”, or that they’re taking out student loans though their parents are financially able to support them through college. But, their parent’s money isn’t their money anymore so they have to take on debt.

It’s so strange to me, as the expectation in (most) Asian households are that parents support you financially when you’re young and then you support them financially when they’re old, and there’s no clear demarcation of my money your money.”

5. So weird.

“Having kids.

You’re just gonna make a person?

You’re just gonna snatch an innocent soul out of the void and force sentience upon it?

What the hell?”

6. Mysterious.


Every drop of water on our planet has been brought here by the Solar Systems oldest meteorites (Carbonaceous Chondrites). And yet, without it life wouldn’t exist!

Water is one of the biggest mysteries of all time. 71% of Earth is covered in it. 1.2% can be used as drinking water. And we treat it as if it’s a never ending resource. It’s truly bizarre when you think about it!”

7. Just keep walking.

“Saying “Hello how are you?!” And them responding with “Hey how are you?” Just because you made eye contact with each other.

Yet neither one answers each other’s questions.”

8. Corporate culture.

“I find the whole Corporate culture stuff REALLY weird. Why does a corporation need it’s own superficial culture that follows basically no other culture in existence?

You would think they would just care if you got the job done or not, but nooooo. Let’s make this weird culture and find out if someone is “a good fit” for said culture or not. Who freaking cares? Does the person get the job done or not?

It seems like almost every major corporation (from my potentially shoddy knowledge at least) has these odd cultures. Since shortly after adulthood, I’ve found it very peculiar to say the least.”

9. Meat suits.

“People. I mean it’s so weird that these meat suits have bodily functions, personalities, quirks.

We watch TV like it’s a totally natural thing… and not something we created using our over powered neuron sacks.”

10. He would not approve.

“Ham as a traditional Christmas meal.

The guy whose birth we are celebrating never ate any kind of pork.”

11. It’s pretty weird.

“Some people’s fascination with celebrities.

Even just the mundane things, like oh so and so was seen getting a drink at Starbucks today, or today they walked their dog.

What makes the fascination so much greater, I mean it’s pretty stalker like. We all do these same mundane things but yet some people are obsessed with celebrities and their lives as a whole, completely baffles me.”

12. It is what it is…

“Working 40 plus hours a week, being unhappy at work, and having to ask permission for time off to spend time with family or just go live life.

It’s f**king nuts to me.”

What do you think is weird that other people think is normal?

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