12 People Share What They Think Needs to Stop Being Normalized

This is just my personal opinion, but I think this whole phenomenon we see online where moms and dads glorify alcohol abuse and have made it “cool” to talk about how they can only deal with their kids if they’re drinking is pretty disgusting.

And you see it everywhere!

It’s not something to brag about, people…and it’s not a good thing, either.

What do you think needs to stop being normalized?

Here’s what folks on Reddit had to say about this.

1. Embarrassing.

“Throwing tantrums in public.

Time to openly admit that the person flipping out is usually in the wrong.”

2. The hustle.

“Hustle culture.

I like my life outside of work. I live to leave at 5, see my wife & cats, play video games, grill some food.

All jobs should pay a living wage, and you shouldn’t be expected to work 60+ hours or more to survive. Hell, 40 is too much.”

3. So gross.

“Al**holic moms.

No, you don’t NEED to bring wine to your daughter’s soccer game. It’s not quirky. It’s awful.

Wine mom stuff on social media only strengthens it and makes it more popular.”

4. Seriously…

“Dissociative identity disorder.

It’s extremely rare and extremely complex.

Bringing awareness and education is very important… but not from self-diagnosed teenaged Tik Tokers.”

5. Not a fan.

“Taking pictures of strangers without their knowledge and posting it on the internet.

S**t is toxic as f**k and it wasn’t that long ago it was seen as creepy.”

6. Truth bomb.

“Degrees for office jobs that take almost no time to learn and usually have nothing to do with the degree anyways .

So many people out there who can’t afford college but, are just as capable as anyone else.”

7. It’s important, people.

“Not caring about education.

So many people obviously didn’t pay attention in elementary school and don’t care about it.”

8. Let people grow.

“Canceling people for things they did 10+ years ago.

If someone has shown growth in that time then let them grow.”

9. Not a crutch.

“Using mental illness as an excuse.

I suffer from several, and it’s very hard on me.. But, i get professional help and deal with it head on. Reading constant posts everyday about people having this disorder and that disorder and that’s why it’s ok to act a certain way is demotivating.

Awareness is important, but dozens of posts everyday about having borderline personality disorder or bipolar disorder and why it’s acceptable for you to be an a**hole is not awareness… If you suffer from these so badly, please get help.”

10. To each their own.

“I think people, specifically parents, should stop normalizing that it’s a given that their child will grow up to have a family.

Instead, parents should emphasize that it’s difficult to find the right partner, and that it’s possible that it might not even happen at all, and that it would be okay as well.”

11. Let’s take a deep breath.

“Putting bacon on F**KING EVERYTHING.

I like bacon. Like it. Not love it. Next to eggs? Great. On a burger occasionally? Ok. I DO NOT want bacon Doritos, bacon Ding Dongs, bacon Deodorant, or bacon themed HOME DECOR.

STOP IT. IT’S F**KING WEIRD. It ain’t that good. NOTHING is THAT good. End rant.”

12. The worst.

“Walking through a public place yelling into your speaker phone.

No one wants to hear your conversation and it is rude.”

What do you think about this?

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