12 People Share What They Think Needs to Stop Being Passed Down Through the Generations

Some traditions are just meant to be broken, people…

It’s true, even if some folks aren’t up for admitting it.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about what they think needs to stop being passed down through the generations.

Take a look.

1. Sad, but true.

“Mental illness runs in some families.

My family is lazy, so here it just walks.”

2. Get rid of ’em.

“At least in my family, the fancy wine glasses. No one ever uses them, everyone keeps them hidden in cupboards because they’re too nice to use.

They’re not even sentimental, someone just picked them up one day and handed them around the family.”

3. Lousy.

“Found out at 14 I had high blood pressure. Been on pills for it since then.

I wasn’t fat. I wasn’t old. I was a scrawny kid. My father has it.

His dad did too. And I’m fairly sure it’s just the way in my lousy family.”

4. Scared…

“Severe anxiety disorder runs very strongly in my family. I got that one.

Alzheimer’s also runs very strongly…..I’m scared.”

5. A big one.


Cancer k**led my dad and mom. I have the same cancer that k**led my mom. I was just told yesterday that I have about 4-5 months to live.

I have 5 children and all are getting tested for colon cancer.

This whole situation just sucks.”

6. Why?

“Making your child as your retirement fund.

My mom pushed me to take out loans for college when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do because I would need a good job to support her when she got old.

The last time she reminded me of that, I said I’ll give her as much as she’s given her parents. That amount being zero, because I’m the one taking care of them.”

7. Dangerous stuff.

“Dangerous advice for pregnancies, babies, and young children.

Most common examples I have seen:

castor oil for inducing labor

blankets for sleeping babies (not swaddled)

rice cereal in bottles (unless doctor advised)

making your own formula

Survivor’s bias is big on why this crap still gets passed around despite plenty of research proving they aren’t safe. A lot of women don’t even bother doing any research or taking free classes their healthcare offers that goes over a lot of this!”

8. Live your own life.


We all have our own goals, desires and dreams.

We shouldn’t be expected to:

Carry a family business

Marry a certain kind of person

Attend a particular college

Earn a specific amount of money

Live in a certain neighbourhood

Don’t let the opinions of older generations – family or not – dictate your life.”

9. Gonna change things.

“As a black man from “the hood”. There is only one answer in my world and it’s poverty.

We gotta start accumulating generational wealth. It will start with me.”

10. Calm down.

“Yelling and slamming doors , cursing at your children and getting angry at them when you’re teaching them things.”

11. Enough of that.

“Being forced to spend time with distant relatives. It’s ok not to be around those that live polar opposite lifestyles than you.

I have relatives that will never know where I live and for good reason, yet family is always “you need to keep in touch….” The heck I do!

12. Definitely!

“Political affiliation. Think for yourself. Choose for yourself. Not because your parents, grandparents, etc. “have always voted for the ______ party.”

Does that party, as they stand today, really represent your values? Will that politician who associates with that party actually vote the way you want them to?

In my area, there are several local politicians who run under the umbrella for a particular party because the vast majority of locals will ALWAYS vote for that party, so the election is effectively set by the primary.”

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