What Fast Food Restaurant Should Go Out of Business? Here’s What People Said.

Do some fast food chains wear out their welcomes with people eventually?

Apparently, the answer is YES, because you’re about to hear from folks on AskReddit about the fast food restaurants that they think should go out of business.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Say it ain’t so.


From what I’ve heard it’s because they actively screwed their franchisees.

It’s like they just cared about squeezing start-up fees and expenses out of new locations and after that it’s like they considered them liabilities.”

2. Not a fan.

“Captain D’s is sacrilege in my coastal town.

Even if I lived in Montana, fish is the last thing I want to be prepared “fast” and with low quality ingredients.”

3. Ugh.


It’s been a downward spiral since they got rid of the 5$ footlong. The prices don’t match what you’re getting.

And what you’re getting, you can make at home better for less.”

4. Gone downhill.

“KFCs quality has DROPPED in the last 10 years.

It’s not the same delicious, well cooked chicken I remember.”

5. What happened?

“Is Burger King even trying anymore?

When I was a kid I remember them being a legit competitor of McDonalds and Wendy’s was barely an afterthought.

Now its McDonald’s vs. Wendy’s for me.”

6. No!

“Pizza Hut has gone severely down hill here in the past 10-15 years. Having worked in a delivery store for almost 10 years, I can pin-point the moment of decline to when the stores became franchises.

It then became less about delivering great products with great service, and more about cost of sales and cost of labour. F**k those s**tty franchise owners really.”

7. Nasty.


It literally serves no purpose.

I paid $20 for a half sandwich and a soup.”

8. Oh, Canada.

“Tim Horton’s.

For not having up to par food (in my opinion, at least).

And treating their employees like s**t.”

9. Hard times.

“Steak n Shake.

It used to be good, but they d**d during the pandemic.

Closed off the inside seating and the quality has gone way down, like the food just tastes sad and they traded out the mint ice cream and real bananas in the milkshakes for cheap syrups that taste awful.”

10. Remember those?

“More of a roadside diner, but Stuckey’s.

Pretty sure that dozens of d**d flies in the window sill are part of the planned décor.”

11. Yuck!


Got food poisoning in the middle of the night, was not fun.”

12. Gross.

“Golden Corral needs to go.

People touching food, coughing and sneezing by the food, kids grabbing plates and then putting back, food is absolutely bland.

The best tasting food there is the iceberg lettuce if that’s any indication how bad the food is.”

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