12 People Share What They’re Glad They Never Have to Do Again

I’ll try anything once

Actually, that’s not true because there are A TON of things I’d never, ever do in a million years, but some people out there definitely have that mentality and I say more power to ’em.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about what they’re glad they never have to do again.

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1. Sounds stressful.

“The Bar exam.

When I found out I passed, I bawled my eyes out from relief because I knew I’d never have to go through that again.

Though six months later I realized while prepping for trial there are even more stressful things.”

2. Awful.

“Had all my teeth removed and waited 8 weeks toothless before they could fit me for dentures.”

3. Sad.

“My father had been an angry and mean al**holic until I was about 15, but then sobered up and turned into a pretty solid guy.

His dementia later in life made him angry and mean.

It made me discover the frightened little boy was still inside my 45 year old body.”

4. Never again.

“Being a Best Man.

It took nearly 3 years after I found out I’d be doing it for the wedding to actually roll around, so it was always in the back of my mind.

It was my best friend’s wedding in another country that had traditions (like “kidnapping” the bride) that as a British person I had no idea existed or how to arrange them, but that’s the Best Man’s job.

Never again. Thank f**k that’s over with.”

5. Terrifying.

“Night SCUBA dives.

I did my five. I’ll never do it again. It’s dark. It’s creepy. Things sneak up on you. The ocean is full of terrifying noises at night.

Never again.”

6. Don’t end up there.

“The dr**k tank.

Just you and your thoughts, and a commercial grade ceiling light that never goes off. You lose all track of time and feel like this is all you’ve ever known.

I was in for 36 hours but I feel like I aged years. Be responsible, kids.”

7. Don’t go back.

“My parent’s house.

It was such a relief moving out.”

8. Over and done with.

“Any kind of school work/studying.

Never having to take another exam hits my brain in the best way.”

9. Not anymore.

“I used to love hiking. I was quite the outdoors guy. I loved being out in the woods.

My love for hikes progressed into a love for difficult hikes. I used to go on hikes specifically that were less traveled or had steep elevation gain.

Eventually I started summiting mountains.

This culminated with a climb of Mt. Rainer in Washington state— a difficult, technical climb that people make in preparation for Everest attempts.

The climb took five days all in all. In a highly technical climb like that your life is constantly in peril. We had to cross crevasses hundreds (or maybe even a thousand) feet deep on a stepladder with two 2x4s laid across it. While we were crossing snowfields, there were rockslides that sent boulders the size of smart cars across our path.

If one of those had come loose at the wrong time we’d have been toast. Team members lost their footing and we on their rope team had to perform emergency self arrests to prevent all of us from slipping off the side of the mountain to our deaths.

We summited on schedule. We made our way back to base camp, and then down to the bottom of the mountain. I’ve never been more happy to see a parking lot.

I see that experience more as an ordeal that I survived and less like a life achievement.

I decided I never needed to climb a mountain again.”

10. Not a fun time.

“Middle and high school.

The amount of b**lying I had to endure is something I wish no one ever has to.”

11. Very hard.

“Taking my dog to the vet for her final visit.

After 25 years and 7 adoptions, I’m done.”

12. A lot of work…

“Writing my PhD thesis. Jesus Christ.

Depression, anxiety, self-doubt, s**cidal thoughts. Afterwards I looked back at it like, “why so serious?” but at the time it was like I had 6 years of prior hard work to live up to.

My data collection was with a highly marginalised and difficult to reach group and so I needed to do them justice, but I paid a price for it. 2 years later my mental health isn’t anywhere near where it was before.”

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