What’s the Most Disgusting Thing You’ve Seen Someone Do? People Shared Their Stories.

People…it’s time that we realize just how gross our fellow human beings can be

Because AskReddit users were nice enough to share stories about the most disgusting things they’ve ever seen people do!

Let’s dig in!

1. Repulsive.

“I watched a middle-aged man take his shoes off and clip his toenails onto the floor in a waiting area at Logan airport.

From the phone conversation he was having at the same time, it appeared that he was a mental health professional.”

2. Don’t go in there.

“I was the only woman in an otherwise all male office, and we had one bathroom. We all took turns cleaning it, and I was fine doing my part.

Until we figured out that the reason it always smelled bad was because a 60 year old man was urinating on the floor (there was a drain) and not the toilet.

My boss said something to him, and he shrugged and said “my wife cleans up after me at home.” He was told his wife doesn’t work here, but it didn’t matter and he kept doing it.

From then on out I refused to use that bathroom, and started going down the street to the gas station every time I needed to go.

Since I wasn’t using it, I didn’t have to help keep it clean and there was no f**king way I was going to help keep that bathroom clean when a grown ass man was literally peeing on the floor.”

3. Totally gross.

“Working customer service at Walmart, I once had a customer take off her very worn, very smelly shoes and put them on the counter looking for a refund because the insole in one of them was coming apart.

It was a brand we hadn’t even carried in four or five years.”

4. This is unreal.

“I can’t really say ‘no shame’ here since the person was homeless, but I was in NYC and saw a man eating a live rat on the subway.

The way the rat screamed was horrible and I don’t know why he didn’t just k**l it first if he HAD to eat it…?”

5. You do you.

“At a music festival, walking past a garbage bin, my buddy walks up to it to throw something in.

He looks inside, bends in, comes out again holding half a kebab and goes ‘look at what people throw away!’ and proceeds to eat it.”

6. San Francisco.

“Visiting San Fransisco for the first time in my life.

We were walking down a busy, crowded street just outside of the city center when I saw a homeless dude sneak into an open stairwell to pinch one off in the corner. I didn’t mean to stare… I just couldn’t help it.

Well, homie caught me looking, made eye contact, smiled, wiped with his bare hand and flicked the leavings in my direction before wiping the rest off in his hair.

Thanks, SF. I hardly knew you.”

7. Gonna be sick.

“I was on a train once, sitting across from an old man who was CHEWING A TISSUE.

He kept chewing and chewing, with his mouth open. Just slurping and chewing that disgusting piece of tissue.

For half an hour.

I thought I was going to vomit.”

8. Sad.

“Several years ago, I lived in an apartment in a low crime, decent part of Seattle.

Looked out my 5th floor window to see someone in the alley below us, pull down their pants, pull a pipe and a baggie out of his butt, fill the pipe, and proceed to s**ke it.”

9. You’re fired.

“I took over running a bakery a few years back.

Everything was fine until I saw a worker drop some product on the floor… then proceed to put it in a bag, tape it up, and put a label on it.

I pulled them aside and asked them wtf they were doing, and they replied, “5 second rule, we’ve always done it.”

Needless to say, the dude was fired.

Makes me wonder, though, how many businesses have employees that get away with this kind of c**p.”

10. He’s at it again!

“I was at the pub once and I watched this bloke get up on the table, pull down his pants and p**s into his own mouth for a good solid twenty seconds.

The worst thing was that everyone around me went “eww he’s doing it again”.”

11. No words for this one.

“11th grade. Ms. Genet’s American History class.

I watched my 6’ blonde crush peel the sunburned skin off the back of my 5’1” brunette crush … and f**king eat it.”

12. Oh, no!

“Chew their toenails at a major league baseball game.

Seriously, at a Texas Rangers baseball game a dude a few rows down was literally putting his bare feet into his mouth and chewing off his toenails.

Sadly, this was before smartphones. I think we had flip phones but no camera.”

Have you ever seen someone do something totally disgusting?

If so, share your stories with us in the comments.

Thanks in advance!