15 People Talk About What They Think Has Always Been Awesome and Always Will Be

In my humble opinion, some things are just timeless and awesome.

Ford Mustangs from the 1960s, The Ramones, Converse All-Stars, the list goes on and on.

But everyone has their own thoughts about this kind of stuff, so let’s hear what AskReddit users think is awesome and will ALWAYS be awesome.

1. What a rush!

“That feeling when something you’ve been struggling to understand ticks over in your brain.

The sudden, wonderful rush when the world becomes just a little bit bigger.”

2. Nice to hear.

“My husband called me loyal the other day. I never once considered before that this was something I wanted to hear, like duh I’m loyal why would I need to have that acknowledged?

That’s basic relationshiping. but I’ve been on Cloud 9 thinking about it since.”

3. Yes!

“Clean water.

I am fortunate enough to have awesome water straight from a well. It’s even soft enough that I don’t need a water softener or filters, even though I still do.

You can drink it straight from the outside spigot and it’s good. Everyone on the planet should have the human right to this.”

4. The end.

“When you finish reading an amazing book, and as you close the cover you get that feeling of immense satisfaction tinged with a tiny bit of sadness that it ended.”

5. The little things.

“A nice shower after a long day. A satisfying meal after fasting. A nice warmth feeling sitting in the sun on a cold winter day. A nice cool breeze sitting in a tree shade on a hot summer day.

I think those would do me… simple things…”

6. Up in the sky.

“The night sky filled with stars.

That’s one of the better points of working nights in a small rural town.

At the end of my shift I can look up and see a night sky full of stars.”

7. As easy as that!


You smile at a stranger, you make their day.

You smile at your waiter, you get amazing service.

You smile at a kid, they smile back with the most genuine heartwarming smile.”

8. The best!

“Waking up in the middle of the night, and thinking your alarm will go off soon, only to realize you went to bed earlier than usual and you still have hours and hours of sleep left.”

9. Hit the road.

“Driving out of your town/city when starting a road trip.

For a bonus, try leaving for your trip while it’s still dark out so just as you’re leaving town, the sun is coming up.

Things are mostly quiet and still, that sunlight starting to peek up, add a full cup of coffee and I’m set.”

10. Good old Dolly.

“There are certain humans who are consistently decent, honest and reliable their whole lives. Dolly Parton for example. 60 years in music and she was a class act as a 16 year old when she arrived in Nashville and remains that to this day.

No scandal, no skeletons. As talented a singer/songwriter as there is. IMHO I Will Always Love You rivals the greatest songs ever written. She is now awesome, has always been awesome and will remain awesome even after she’s gone.”

11. I’m outta here!

“Walking out of work that last day before your vacation begins.

That feeling of looking forward to something fun and different for a week or two if its on the agenda.”

12. Bliss.

“Siting on a tin roof covered porch during a rainy day/night with candles and a book and a blanket. It is the most incredible feeling.

The sounds. The comfort. Absolute bliss.”

13. You better believe it!

“Dogs. They’re loving, caring, sweet, and loyal.

They can save lives, lead the blind, assist the disabled, comfort the hurt, and so much more.

I love dogs. Dogs are great.”

14. Happiness.

“If you are a person with children: coming home and hearing “mommy!” Or “daddy!”

In a tiny voice followed by rapid stomping foot steps, a big innocent smile of excitement, arms wide, and then getting the most giant tiny hug possible.”

15. Taking it easy.

“Waking up on a morning where you have nothing you have to do that day.

Simply enjoying the sleep warm bed while thinking about a day thats your own.

Even more so if you’re camping.”

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