13 People Discuss Things They Are Allowed to Do at Their Jobs That Would Otherwise Be Illegal

It’s funny how some jobs let you get away with things that definitely WOULD NOT fly in the real world.

And today we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about this very subject!

Let’s see what they had to say!

1. Dangerous contraband.

“I used to do large format graphic installations (vinyl, banners, foam core, etc.).

Did the local airports, I could bring in a blow torch, knives, scissors, chemicals, all sorts of stuff.”

2. Wow!

“Digging up d**d people and put their loot in storage.

I used to be an archaeologist.”

3. Cool.

“Set off tons of explosives.

I’m a miner.”

4. A hard day’s work.

“I used to have to watch p**n at work. P**n needs captions, too.

A whole new meaning to a hard day’s work.”

5. Don’t even worry about it.

“Sell and distribute drugs.

Without the Pharmacy, things might get sketchy selling pills on the street.”

6. Back in the day…

“Cut people open, stick them with needles, drug them up, put them in restraints if needed, shove things down peoples throat, remove organs….

Well, that used to be my profession. I’m retired now.”

7. Beach patrol.

“Drive on certain beaches.

Be near and touch endangered and protected species.”

8. No belt required.

“As a taxi driver was legally allowed to drive without a seatbelt.

My passengers all had to be wearing them, but I was free to choose not to.”

9. Don’t worry about tickets.

“Park wherever I choose, and there’s literally nothing any one can do unless they want to catch a federal charge.”

10. Fun!

“Opening zoo exhibits and occasionally taking a baby animal home for the night.

Only for bottle feeding when absolutely necessary, we do not just take animals home for fun.”

11. Wish you could unsee it.

“Network Admin for a school here, and I am spending as much as an hour a day on the following two activities:

Watching cameras to make sure they are all active and working & monitoring network traffic for over 1,000 people.

The cameras are on teacher’s houses, as well as inside and outside of the school. There are things I would like very much to unsee during these times.”

12. Private info.

“The level of personal, private information about nearly anyone living in the state I live in is a little terrifying.

With as little information as a phone number for a starting point, I can probably find out your credit rating, home address, car VIN, your bank account balance, where your kids go to school, your work history going back pretty much as far as I want, your mother’s maiden name (and probably your family history), your tax returns…and with some phone calls, I could probably convince just about anyone holding info about you that I don’t normally have access to on my own to divulge it to me. Easily.

I have a valid business purpose for the authority to do any of those things in the right context, which is probably why my employer takes misuse of that authority in nearly anything extremely seriously.”

13. Important work.

“End a life.

Calling a code to end resus measures, withdrawing care as appropriate to patient/family needs and decision, or through treating pain and distress with strong medications in patients that wish to have comfort care over prolongation of life.”

Do you have things like this at your job?

If so, tell us all about them in the comments.

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