12 People Share Who They Think Are the Most Evil Human Beings Alive Today

There’s no doubt about it, there are a lot of evil people in the world.

Politicians, world leaders, criminals, scammers, outlaws, etc.

They’re out there and the more people know about them, the better.

So who are the most evil people still alive today?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts about this.

1. Heard of him?

“Lots of horrible people on here, still i can’t think of anyone worse then Félicien Kabuga. Maybe you haven even heard of him but he is one of the key persons responsible for the Ge**cide of the Rwandan Tutsis in 1994.

He is a multi millionaire who had close ties to the dictator Juvénal Habyarimana’s Hutu nationalist MRND party and the Akazu, an informal group of Hutu extremists who helped lead the Rwandan ge**cide.

He also was the primary financier of Hutu extremist media outlets, such as the RTLM radio station and Kangura magazine, which advocated for the ki**ing of the Tutsi minority. His radio stations played an instrumental part during the ge**cide as well.”

2. Vile.

“Omar al-Bashir immediately came to mind.

Former president of Sudan who was behind the Darfur ge**cide.

Absolutely vile human.”

3. Wow.

“Pedro Lopez is a Colombian serial k**ler who k**led over 300 people.

He was released in 1998, and his whereabouts are unknown.

He would be 73 now.”

4. Evil.

“I’m going with Luis Garavito.

He’s a serial k**ler who was convicted of brutally m**dering and r**ing 147 young boys, however the de**th toll is likely over 200.

He is currently 65 years old and in prison. However, because he aided police in finding the bodies, his sentence was reduced. He could possibly be out of prison next year.”

5. The coup.

“Min Aung Hlaing.

The Myanmar Junta who commited the coup is still actively k**ling their citizens every day.

He recently air strikes the village school resulting 11+ children d**ths just because they heard rebels are hiding in the village.”

6. No remorse.

“Australia’s Peter Scully.

He’s a**sed and t**tured girls and infants, and has shown no remorse whatsoever.”

7. Brutal.

“Hiroshi Miyano and the other 3 men who t**tured that poor woman Junko for 40 days.

Horrifying and sickening what did to that poor woman. She was r**ed over 500 times by over 100 men they invited over. Even worse things happened than that but I can’t bear to write it out.

Poor girl was in literal hell and was only 17 when she d**d.

Miyano only served 17 years in jail and walks free.”

8. Still alive.

“Henry Kissinger.

During the Vietnam War , he secretly derailed peace talks between the North and South Vietnamese, because he wanted the war to continue and help his career , right through to the next president.

He also personally planned bombings of targets in Cambodia , who were not even a part of the war.

He had no military training or knowledge , he chose random targets he thought would stop supply lines to Vietnam. These were planned in secret , without Congress knowing.”

9. Insane.

“Nestle executives.

They get paid millions and still steal water from small villages and FORCE young African youth (as young as 10!) to farm cocoa and not go to school or else they will be beaten.”

10. Warlord.

“There is a Ugandan warlord who is voted the most evil person alive.

Joseph Kony Leader of the Lord resistance army,

One of the most most evil a**holes found in the International criminal court’s records, he has allegedly kidnapped over 30,000 children, fed them with arms and guns, made them k**l their parents, turned little girls into s** slaves and mutilated hundreds of people.”

11. North Korea is wild.

“Kim Jong-Un.

Dude had his own brother assassinated when he wasn’t even considered a real threat to his power in any way.”

12. This is crazy.

“Andrew Jeremy Wakefield, the man who performed the “study” that claimed vaccines cause autism.

The study was prompted by economic gain;

A small group of parents believing the idea went to some lawyers hoping to sue pharmaceutical companies, the lawyers went “huh. There’s a way to cheat some money out of this” and they approached wakefield to see about getting some proof for the lawsuit. Some of the study’s participants were parents from that original group.

Additionally, he and another quack doctor named Hugh Fudenberg patented a separate set of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines, with Wakefield planning to use the study to promote it over the combination MMR vaccine. Remember Fudenberg; he’s crazy rather than evil, but is relevant later on.

The study was a failure in scientific accuracy. The sample size used only contained 12 children. One of the kids tested regarding what caused his autism wasn’t even autistic. The premise was that gluten combined with the measles part of the MMR vaccine and a gastro-intestinal disease he made up to produce a “morphine-like substance” (actual quote) that then turns children’s brains autistic.

He had to fire 2 of the doctors he was working with to get the results he wanted because they refused to lie when they didn’t get those results. He was asked by the head of the institute he worked at to reproduce the results in a larger study and refused repeatedly because he knew the one he had was only remotely possible to get by fudging numbers on a statistically insignificant sample size.

The study involved child a**se; the risks of medical procedures done during the study was not properly communicated to parents. The procedures included colonoscopies, which is something of an ordeal even for adults.

These were given to children, some of which had autism, as young as the age of 3. One kid’s bowels were perforated multiple times during the procedures and he nearly died.

One of the things tested was an experimental cure for autism made by Hugh Fudenberg. Fudenberg later went on to say, in a major news interview, that he could cure autism with a drug he made out of his own bone marrow. The odds of this being the exact experimental treatment given to those kids is worryingly high.

The study was retracted, he lost his medical license, and he went full anti-vaxxer to keep the audience of fans he built from the study. He wrote a book named “Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines–The Truth Behind a Tragedy” and a film named “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe” to proclaim that he was right and that all established medicine was wrong. He speaks at anti-vaccine rallies and advertises his products to the crowds.

But I don’t think he believes like his fans do. I think he knows he’s lying, and is continuing to do so for the sake of staying wealthy off the confusion he caused.

His one study is responsible for turning the anti-vaccine movement from a couple dozen mildly crazy parents into the worldwide phenomenon it is. It’s indirectly responsible for the d**ths of millions at this point. And he continues to push it for his own economic gain.”

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