What’s the Worst Feeling Ever? People Shared Their Thoughts.

There are so many terrible feelings that people can have in life, so how can you just pick one?!?!

And that brings us to today’s AskReddit article: what is the worst feeling ever?

Here’s what people had to say.

1. No one cares…

“The realization that no one actually cares about you.

Actions speak louder than words. When everyone’s actions are screaming “we don’t care” at you, it’s really hard.

Especially when it’s people that you thought would always have your back, no matter what.”

2. You know the look.

“That really horrible sinking panic when you see the look on someone’s face and just know something awful has happened.”

3. All alone.

“Being alone.

I’ve never experienced anything worse than needing to talk to someone but not having anyone to talk to.”

4. What could have been…

“Recognizing your lost potential.

Knowing that in an alternate universe you could have been someone.”

5. The worst.

“Having to put a pet down.

Had to do this on Thursday and I’m a mess.”

6. Terrible.

“Being so depressed that it changes your entire being and personality. Happened to me, ended my marriage and nearly ended my life.

I’m better now but man I don’t know what’s worse, the depression or the knowing that your life would be so much better off if it never happened to you.”

7. It goes fast.

“Realizing every second you are getting older. Time is passing quickly.

You start to feel like 16 years ago was yesterday. And you slept in bed,woke up as adult.”


“Being “stuck” in life.

There is no forward progress, and there is no going back.

You are just where you are.”

9. Can’t take it back.

“Knowing you did something wrong, and recognizing the impact it had on people, including loved ones and friends, and when you finally recognize the dire consequences for all including yourself, and that there is nothing you can do to take it back and make things better again.”

10. Feeling anxious.

“Social anxiety and feeling like people are just being polite and don’t actually like you or you’re creeping people out when realistically you probably aren’t.”

11. Eats you alive.


Especially when you don’t want to feel it, and know it’s unreasonable, but it still eats you alive inside.”

12. Lost.

“Losing your significant other.

It is a literal black hole void on your life. You become a ghost of yourself and everyone around you does their best to help you move on but nothing works. You wake up everyday just because it’s routine but you’re basically on auto-pilot to survive without a soul. Food doesn’t taste good. Joy seems impossible. At times its even hard just to breathe.

You find yourself having dreams about your SO only to wake up alone in bed looking over the other side of the empty bed. Maybe you cry a little bit knowing it was just a dream and that person will never be next to you again. The morning comes and you do a Google search in your brain to find any reason to get up out of bed.

The day begins and it’s another “run out the clock” routine knowing you will come back home to a dark empty apartment full of empty beer bottles and takeout boxes.”

13. Betrayal.

“Being betrayed by someone who you thought you could trust.

It’s happened to me too many times and every time, it makes me feel like absolute s**t.”

What do you think is the worst feeling ever?

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