14 People Admit What Disgusts Them the Most About Today’s Society

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But since we have limited time, we’re gonna hear from these folks on AskReddit who admitted what disgusts them about today’s society.

Take a look at what they had to say.

1. True.

“Nobody takes accountability for anything.

It is always someone else’s fault.”

2. Come on, people!

“The amount of people that will believe anything they hear or read about online and take it as fact.

Today my father called my aunt and told her to hide in the basement because there was going to be a nuclear bomb dropped on Massachusetts.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, it hasn’t happened.”

3. Over and over again.

“After all the horrors of war and mistreatment of each other, that we still continue to do the same things over and over again.”

4. Clean water.

“American here visiting Southeast Asia on a 20 day trip.

I have been constantly dehydrated from lack of decent drinking water mixed with unrelenting humidity and heat. DO NOT take clean water for granted.

What I would give for a decent cup of sink juice.”

5. Doesn’t matter.

“That people glorify celebrities and influencers to the point that whatever they do makes online news, like it’s news that matters.”

6. Time to impress some folks…

“People that live only to post on social media.

They travel, go to restaurants, only to show on their Instagram feed.”

7. Gross.

“How blatantly rude people are towards one another.

I’ve seen people treat complete strangers like garbage and it’s so sad to see.

I’m actually pleasantly surprised when a stranger is respectful and has basic manners, it’s a rarity it seems.”

8. Disposable.

“How people are quick to dispose of others, especially without regarding the other person’s emotions.”

9. What happened?

“To me, it’s the d**th of discourse.

I have the good fortune to teach skills like listening, conflict management, having difficult conversations, etc. to people who actually want to learn. Then I hop online or go to a public place, and I feel like Sisyphus.

The inability to listen and talk about ideas without disdain and taking things personally is epidemic and it’s wrecking society in my opinion.”

10. A bad trend.

“These days you don’t see an incident where at least one person doesn’t have a smart phone out videotaping the event.

So much for concern…”

11. Disconnected.

“I think people have been taught that with the disconnect the abiity to overconnect is. 30 years ago you knew your neighbors, phone numbers, had regular get togethers/block parties.

Now you can interact with thousands of people worst of which when you find many like minded people that just feed your own ideas. People are also will to draw very solid barriers between others now and neither side is willing to look past it to have a conversation.”

12. Ugh.

“Many things but “family vloggers” who profit off of videoing their young children for the whole world to see from birth without their consent.

These kids have never known anything different and have no chance of growing up in the way that most do.”

13. The worst of the worst.

“I challenge anyone to spend a year in customer service and not leave with a more bleak view of the world.”

14. Bad news.

“Social media has conditioned people into becoming reactive rather than truly listening, digesting, and reflecting upon things.

But then again, people think being fair or unbiased means treating hate speech as just “the other side”. It’s a fine line to walk.”

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