12 People Share What TV Shows They Think Only They Remember

Let me ask you a question: have you ever asked other people about a particular TV show from your childhood or from way back in the day and they tell you’re crazy and that it never existed?

It happens all the time, folks!

And today we’re gonna hear from AskReddit users about shows they swear they remember but that no one else seems to…

Let’s see what they had to say…

1. Do you remember this one?

“Space Cases on Nickelodeon.

With that girl from Firefly in it with rainbow hair that I totally coveted as a kid.”

2. Weird.

“Today’s Special.

A TV show where these store mannequins came to life overnight when the store was closed.”

3. I’d watch that.

“American Gothic with Gary Cole as the menacing sheriff who may have been the devil.”

4. YES.

“Small Wonder.

It was about a family with a girl robot that nobody was supposed to know was a robot.

They had a nosey neighbor named Harriet.

NOBODY remembers this but me.”

5. Demon show!


I had to watch it in secret because my mom was fundamentalist and thought it glorified the demonic/supernatural.”

6. Slime time.

“You Can’t Do That On Television.

The origin of Nickelodeon’s green slime.

Strange that it has been forgotten.”

7. Strange show.

“Max Headroom.

It was strange but I liked it.

I think it kind of self destructed.”

8. Whatever you say…

“Every time this question comes up I always answer the same thing: The Great Space Coaster.

There was a clown like alien and an orange guy with hairy ears, a scary monkey, an elephant that controlled its own trunk with a handle and Gary Gnew, a gnu who was a News Anchor who was against news, his motto was something similar to: “No News is Good G’News” and a regular human boy and girl.

Saw it once in Orlando and later in a Spanish version.”

9. The ’70s were weird.

“HR Puffenstuff.

Magical ride for kids in the ’70s.”

10. A show about smart kids.

“Head of the Class.

Guy from WKRP is a high school teacher of a class of misfits. One of the students was a nerdy girl who was younger than everyone else.

The actress was Tannis Vallely and at the time I could have been her twin.”

11. Zoom!

“When I was a kiddo in the 70’s, there was a show called ‘Zoom’ on the Boston PBS station we got in Montreal.

It was like an older kids’ Sesame Street or Electric Company. No one I now know has ever heard of it.”

12. From north of the border.

“A Canadian cartoon series called “The Raccoons”.

The Disney Channel used to show it in the states and it was a favorite of mine.

Jim Sterling uses shots of Cyril Sneer whenever they discuss corporate greed and capitalistic evil.”

Now we want to hear from you.

Tell us about some shows that you think only you remember.

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