What Are You in the 0.1% Of? People Responded.

Well, this promises to be an interesting conversation, don’t you think?!?!

We’re gonna hear from folks on AskReddit who went on the record and opened up about what they think they are in the .1% of in this crazy world we live in.

Let’s see what they had to say!

1. Wow!

“Scars on my heart. I have about 30, I think.

On my 4th heart procedure, I had 24 cardiac ablations (they use radio waves to kill tissue to create scarring so that effectively signals can’t travel through that way) during one procedure (epicardial, meaning both inside and outside the heart) by the top electrophysiologist on the east coast.

He said only one other patient of his had more done in one procedure. Took 10 hours. I could hear the nurses gossiping about me in the hallway. This was 7 years ago, and now my heart is working great!”

2. Uncommon.

“Half of my body is a birthmark of tan skin, and the other half is pale white. It’s right down the middle of my stomach and same with my back.

I’ve only ever seen 1 person online with it saying “chimerism” but idk if that’s same with me. Idk but it’s uncommon.”

3. Neat.

“Don’t know if it’s less cool because I do it for work, but I “photograph” atoms and crystalline atomic structures most days.

I get to see the world in a way few ever do which is kinda neat.”

4. Interesting.

“I have 3 functional kidneys.

No it doesn’t mean I pee more. No it doesn’t mean I can drink more alcohol (thats the liver).

No I won’t sell it for under $71,241.”

5. Rare.

“Apparently only 0.1% of people become mechanical engineers in the US and an even smaller percentage are women, so maybe that?

I was also less than 2 lbs when I was born, and I think the percentage is probably similar. I somehow have no lasting physical issues from that, though my sister has cerebral palsy.”

6. Lucky.

“Highest recorded body temperature.

Typically people who suffer extreme hyperpyrexia die on the spot or suffer brain damage damage, but I turned out just fine!”

7. Bummer.

“I ran the 100 meter dash just at 10 seconds several times while training to be an Olympic sprinter.

Got in a car accident that hurt my neck really bad a few months before the Olympic trials.

So the training went nowhere but I sure felt like Forest Gump – “You wouldn’t believe it but I could run like the wind.””

8. Cool!

“Triple crowners for Thru-Hiking.

I’m one of 525 people to have done all three major American hikes, and one of 15-20 people to have done it in less than 3 years.

It’s around 10,000 miles. (I did more because of the Florida trail and pinhoti trails that I did in between)

AT2019 CDT 2020 PCT2021.”

9. Quite an accomplishment.

“Spotify Weird Al listeners.

I’d like to think, with his current tour and upcoming movie, there’s a whole new wave of Weird Al listeners.

That probably isn’t the case, but it’s what I like to think nonetheless”

10. New smells.

Because of covid my sense of taste and smell changed.

Now Coke tastes like rust, There’s a tree in my yard that smells like roast chicken, I like to eat bananas with ketchup and now I have the superpower to tell real chocolate from fake chocolate.

The list is longer but I cannot describe the new flavors and smells that I have discovered.”

11. Rash Man!

“When I’m nervous, anxious or overstimulated, I break out in a weird angry hive like rash on my neck, chest and sometimes face.

I’ve heard rumours of others having this super awesome ability /s, but I have not seen this happen to anyone except me.”

12. That’s a new one!

“I have an extremely rare (so rare that some doctors don’t believe it exists) percentage of women whose hymen regrows when I go without penetration.

Found that out at a recent gynecological visit 😬 doctor looked at me like a science experiment. At birth I had an imperforate hymen that was like 10 times as thick as typical. Which is something like .001% of women have.”

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