12 People Talk About Basic Knowledge That a Lot of Folks Don’t Know

I’ve seen some YouTube videos where regular folks on the street get asked pretty basic questions that most people should know…and honestly, it’s pretty scary.

So let’s hear from folks about knowledge that people should know but really don’t…

Dig in!

1. Sure seems like it.

“Turn signal.

Turn lane.


2. Safety first.

“Don’t put water on a grease fire. This is when your pan/pot catches fire while cooking.

Cover it with the pot or pan lid and turn off the heat.”

3. Good to know.

“Drowning doesn’t usually look like drowning on TV. 9/10, it’s just silent. The person goes under and doesn’t come back up.

And choking doesn’t look like choking as seen on TV either. If there’s any hacking / coughing… they aren’t choking and don’t need a Heimlich maneuver.

You only use the Heimlich if there’s no sound coming out of their mouth.”

4. Careful with that stuff.

“That mixing bleach and pine sol creates toxic fumes that can actually k**l you if they build up too much in a room.

A scary number of people actually do this though in their laundry or when cleaning their homes.”

5. Don’t say a word.

“Cops are not obligated to read you your Miranda rights upon arrest unless they’re going to interview you, which they usually won’t when they’re on scene.

However, that doesn’t mean they won’t use anything you say still against you. So keep your d**n mouth shut when dealing with cops. Wait until you have a lawyer present.”

6. True.

“Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it is automatically healthy.

Just because it is artificial or synthetic doesn’t mean it is automatically bad for you.”

7. Too bad.

“How to spot an obvious scam.

Look how many people fall for those clickbait articles and chain posts and propaganda and stuff.”

8. Don’t do it.

“Sit properly in any vehicles.

Leg injuries are no joke and you can even dislocate/break your legs easily in a car crash because your legs where on the dashboard.”

9. Drives me nuts.

“How a 4 way stop works.

Every hurricane in Florida we’ve several traffic lights go out. People are supposed to treat it like a 4 way stop, but instead they do this nonsense, “oh, he went? 10 more of us will go! It’s fine!!”

I actually saw ONE light where people were doing it correctly after Ian and I nearly shit myself I was so shocked.”

10. Sign of the times.

“That epipens and narcan do not stop reactions/overdoses.

They slow them down so getting a person to proper care is still a necessity.”

11. Stay away.


I’m sure it’s just natural selection at this point, but the amount of stupid people I see walking up to wild creatures for video footage is irritating.”

12. So rude.

“That you should wait for people to get off the elevator when it arrives at your floor, instead of cramming yourself in when the doors open, blocking their departure.”

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