12 People Talk About Lies That Folks Tell Themselves to Feel Better About Life

Whatever gets you through the day, right?

And if that includes telling yourself little lies to feel better about life, then so be it.

What lies do you tell yourself to feel better about life?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. Everybody hurts.

“There’s a few but the main one I tell myself if that the people who hurt me are also hurting.

As a kid I thought people bu**ied each other because their lives sucked, and then I realized my life also sucked and I didn’t treat other people like that so what was their excuse.”

2. Yes, it does.

“Crime doesn’t pay.

I know someone that embezzled over $1 million and got probation and has to pay back less than 10% restitution.”

3. Not all the time.

“If you just work hard it’ll all work out in end.

Pursuing a career dream can be a good thing, but I think we could also do young people a service to teach which jobs will be most lucrative in the next 5-10 years.

Yes, you want to have a job match your interests to some degree, but I think I could enjoy most any job where you’re treated decently, work with overall good people, and get paid a solid wage.”

4. Nope.

“People always get what’s coming to them.

The reality is that sometimes the people who tormented you all those years ago are likely living pretty good lives.”

5. I’m really smart!

“I believe that every single person (me included) think that they are a bit smarter than what they truly are.”

6. You find out later.

“For kids, good heroes always wins.

When you grow up, it’s just a fantasy.”

7. Wouldn’t that be nice?

“For adults specifically: doing your best = success.

Don’t get me wrong, doing your best is something to be proud of, but doing your best without preparation/dedication/practice leads to nowhere.”

8. Glad you turned it around.

“I’m not an al**holic.

It’s not an addiction. I can stop whenever I want.

It’s just a party, a birthday.

Being like that for 22 years, coming from heavily al**holic home, I sobered up few years ago and it was by far best decision of my life.”

9. We wish you luck.

““If I fall asleep right now I’ll get X-hours of sleep.”

You’re gonna be awake for a while, honey.”

10. We all say this.

“Everything will be okay.

This is a big one for me. Sometimes things will be ok, but thinking it always will be strikes me a survivorship bias.

A lot of people throughout history were most likely telling themselves that right up to the point they d**d from whatever unfortunate things happened to them.”

11. Roll of the dice.

“A positive attitude will make you physically better.

As a chick with cancer, I get the “just have the positive attitude” advice a lot … which always irked me. No one who feels like c**p wants to fake a positive mindset to make others feel better.

My fave response to someone telling me that (again) was actually from a nurse in the room who said: “Please! I’m seen a whole lot of true b**ches survive cancer.” That nurse is forever my hero.”

12. Yup.

“They tell themselves:

“It doesn’t matter what others think of you. Just be yourself, lead your life the way you wish – things have a way of working out.””

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