12 People Talk About Life-Changing Items That Cost Under $100

Listen up, folks!

Because today we’re going to hear about life-changing items that you can buy for under 100 bucks.

Let’s take a look and maybe you’ll be inspired to buy some of these goodies!

1. Snoozin’.

“A good pillow.

I had trouble for months getting good sleep, brought a under pillow and a memory pillow for the top and I swear a nuke could go off and I’d just sleep through it.”

2. Hits the spot.

“I bought a $1 back scratcher from an Asian market in town.

Best $1 I ever spent.”

3. Gotta have one.

“First aid kit.

They are handy when you least want them to be.”

4. Do it.

“A decent dash cam. I scoffed at the idea of a dashcam for years.

A friend told me to try it out and it helped me out when I got in an accident a couple years back.”

5. I love you.

“Blackout curtains.

Every time I date a guy and spend the first night over the next morning I’m always like “we gotta get some black out curtains for this room.”

Knew I met the love of my life when he already had them.”

6. Essential!

“A library card–free if you live in the library’s district, a fee if you are a non-resident.

So many resources for self improvement and growth…and so many free alternatives to paid services.”

7. Get busy in the kitchen.

“If you cook at home, a really good cutting knife changes the game completely.

But you might want other kitchen items as well.

You can probably get a set of anything for under 100 and it will change how you view cooking, and possibly inspire you to make better food.

I use chef John’s recipes all the time. And he’s charming. Just Google or YouTube food wishes. Have fun!”

8. Block it out.

“Earplugs or specific noise-cancelling headphones.

Helping you in sleep or with noise in general.”

9. Safety first.

“CPR and first aid training and certification.

A week and a half ago I witnessed a guy on a motorcycle get hit by a car, and hard. The guy was in a T-shirt and shorts, and luckily was wearing a helmet. I ran to him and was the first at the scene. Holy f**k.

I went into turbo fight mode, and for the first time in my life that training came in handy during the long 6 minutes until the ambulance arrived. The only reason this man is still alive is because he was wearing a helmet, and the only reason he might still have functional limbs is because of me. I can’t even believe I just wrote that, I’m still so traumatized by it all. I really hope he’s okay.

Oh, and a helmet.”

10. Good one.

“Basic tool set.

A little youtube/Google work, a $100 worth of tools and you’d be amazed at the things you can fix on your car, around the house, etc.

Bonus points if you’re a man – chicks dig dudes that are handy

Bonus points if you’re a woman – dudes dig chicks that can turn wrenches with them

Everyone wins!”

11. Hope you’re hungry!

“Depending on your lifestyle, I would say a crock pot/slow cooker can be pretty life changing.

They are super affordable, money saving, time saving, last forever, and don’t take up too much space.

B/c they have been around for a gazillion years there are tons of recipes for any kind of dietary need.

They also make really great gifts for work/white elephant parties, (where you might not really know the people and have a smaller price point to work within…).

Also great for new parents, people living on their own (especially for the first time), single parents/caregivers, anyone on a limited or fixed income, anyone with a disability or illness that can make it hard to shop for or prepare healthy homemade meals (especially useful for anyone who lives with depression), so basically everyone!

My one piece of advice is not to buy a used one at a thrift store as people often use them for making candles and crafts.”

12. Try it!

“A tongue scraper.

It makes your dental hygiene SO MUCH BETTER.”

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